Live-Streamed George Strait Show Reaches 14m; is King of Music Streaming in China

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Live-streamed George Strait show reaches 14m — 
 ‘King of country’ Strait’s first venture into live streaming was “an event we may never again see in the history of music”, says event host Wrangler.

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Metallica give away latest album on YouTube for free — 
 Thrash metal band Metallica have surprised their fans by offering up their latest album in its entirety, the first in eight years, on YouTube completely free of charge.

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Spotify co-founders own an estimated $1.8bn stake in company —

Spotify is estimated to be valued at around $8bn today. That’s both the result of impressive scale — after clocking up comfortably in excess of 100m active users since launching in 2008 — and total lifetime funding of over $2bn.

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Streaming Music: Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now — 
 Here Glenn Peoples of Pandora explores the differences in royalty payouts between services which offer highly interactive on-demand streaming versus those that provide a more basic digital radio option, and how these differences impact the modern music industry as a whole.

A manx girl beckii cruel attracts japanese fans is King of Music Streaming in China — 
 The entry of western music streaming sites in China such as Apple Music, Tidal and Pandora failed to topple a local music streaming site from its top

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Spotify focusing on deal to move to World Trade Center — 
 Spotify, the world’s №1 music streamer, is focusing on a deal to move its city offices to the World Trade Center.

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Streaming Has Already Taken Over The World, So What The Hell Happens Next? —

Streaming has taken the music industry by storm — and we’re still trying to keep up with it. New services are appearing (and disappearing) by the day, and as we try to adjust to the new trends about music consumption, it’s easy to forget that it’s pummeling forward by the day.


Sponsored Songs & Blazoned Brands: The Rise Of Native Ads In The Music Business — 
 Labels, publishers and streaming services are using native music advertising to refine and democratize how they promote artists and brands.

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