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Live Streaming Centre Stage for 2021; ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is Hip-Hop’s Greatest Gateway Drug; Diversifying Income Streams in Music

Virtual Creator Credit Summit

Join DDEX Nov. 17–19 for the Creator Credit Summit, a free event bringing together all those creating recorded music with the companies that bring that music to fans to discuss how the right info for credit and payment gets included in the metadata, along with tools that assist in the process. [sponsor]

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Live streaming centre stage for

The longer the pandemic continues, the harder it gets for the live music business (and other cultural sectors built around live performance) to sustain hope of a ‘return to normal’.

How grand theft auto became hip hops greatest gateway 01

How ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Became Hip-Hop’s Greatest Gateway
The iconic video game series has a cultural legacy which, in no small part, includes an innovative, collaborative relationship with hip-hop music.

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How can the music industry diversify its income streams?
Music Ally’s Global Experts panel is an international group of industry leaders, and each month we put a single, vital question to them.


Viberate. The all-in-one platform for growing your music
Viberate allows users to claim profiles — whether they are artists, venues, or festivals. They, and other industry professionals, can then access in-depth analytics of their profiles — as well as those of their competitors, plus of various genres and markets.

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Should Spotify Be Responsible for What Joe Rogan Does?
This week’s edition of Nick Quah’s Hot Pod, an industry newsletter about podcasting, asks the question: Should Spotify be held responsible for what Joe Rogan does on his podcast?

Tunedglobal logo 2

Tuned Global Appoints Andrew Stess to Lead US

360º B2B music streaming & technology specialist Tuned Global has appointed Andrew Stess to the newly created role of Head of Sales and Business Development for the USA.

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SyncFloor Raises New Funding

Seattle-based SyncFloor, the innovative music marketplace for sync discovery and licensing, has raised a new round of funding.

J balvin fortnite 2020 billboard 1548 1604363445 compressed

Inside the Deal to Bring J Balvin’s Spooky XR Concert to ‘Fortnite’
while the endeavor was a monumental, multi-team effort, getting the deal was relatively simple — a streamlined example of the right artist pairing with the right company for the right reasons.

Sirius 20shutterstock 1450974074 1

Agreement extended between Sirius XM, Kia Motors
Over the course of an expanded agreement between SiriusXM and Kia Motors America, Kia will broaden the installation of SiriusXM throughout Kia models and trims produced in North America.

Dynamics feature 1200x627

Dynamics in Music: How to Unlock the Power of
Learn what dynamics are in music and how they affect your workflow. From dynamics markings in a score to mixing and mastering, here’s what you need to know.

Pandora app on iphone

Pandora Becomes the First Third-Party Music Service on HomePod (Here’s How to Set It Up)
With the HomePod mini going up for preorder later this week, Apple has already made good on one of the promises for its smart speaker family — the ability

Android 4911416 640

How To Know If Your Spotify Account Has Been
Learn who you can tell if your Spotify account is a victim of botting and why you should never, ever pay to be on a playlist. By Madelynn Elyse, CEO. Continue reading

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