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LyricFind Launches Free Automated Lyric Videos, Partners with eOne Music

LyricFind is launching a new service that allows labels and rightsholders to quickly and easily turn their tracks into dynamic and engaging lyric videos.

Born from the vision of Bill Wilson, SVP Operations & Innovation, eOne Music has come on as a launch partner. Artists from its iconic Death Row Records label, including The Game, Snoop Dogg, Pop Evil, Dr. Dre, and Bryant Myers, are part of the initial batch of videos created by the platform. At the time of publication, LyricFind’s lyric videos have amassed millions of views for The Game’s The Documentary 2.0 and Bryant Myers’ Bendecido albums alone.

Using proprietary technology, LyricFind’s new tool automatically generates a branded video that uses custom backgrounds, fonts, and visualizers to animate a song’s lyrics (or high quality translations of the lyrics, such as for Bendecido). The system has the ability to generate a high quality video in seconds, making it ideal for catalogs and other large collections of recordings. The video creation tool also includes vetted translations in seven languages, as well as other high-quality features, allowing artists and rightsholders to customize videos that perfectly reflect their music promotion strategies. The service has no up front costs to labels and artists: LyricFind simply shares in the revenue generated from video views.

Lyric videos have been wildly popular on platforms like YouTube, which reported that viewers watched thousands of years worth of them. What started off as a fan phenomenon has been adopted as a must-have by artists and labels. “Lyric videos are a key way for fans to interact with their favorite artists’ tracks. They enable music lovers to connect more powerfully with the music,” says Darryl Ballantyne, co-founder and CEO of LyricFind. “This new lyric video service is part of our mission to create innovative ways for labels and rightsholders to use lyrics to benefit their business and for artists to raise their profile and connect with fans — and generate revenue.”

“We have an extensive catalog of amazing recordings, and this tool has allowed us to unlock the revenue potential of these tracks, which would have been extremely costly and time consuming without LyricFind’s system,” says Wilson. “Already the results have blown away our expectations.”


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Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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