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Major Streaming Services Renew DiMA CEO Garrett Levin For Three Years

The major music streaming services — Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube — today announced the renewal and extension of the contract of Digital Media Association (DiMA) President and CEO Garrett Levin for an additional three years.

Announcing the contract extension, DiMA’s Board of Directors praised Levin for his leadership and the work DiMA has done to promote a vibrant and competitive music industry in which streaming-led innovations are driving growth across the music economy.

“Garrett’s strategic leadership of DiMA has elevated both the organization and the understanding of the extensive benefits that streaming services provide to the modern music business. By advancing policies that ensure a robust and competitive music marketplace, he is ensuring streaming services will be able to continue to innovate and connect fans and artists while enabling growth for rightsholders. We look forward to seeing DiMA continue to grow under his leadership in the years ahead,” the Board said in a statement.

Concurrent with Levin’s contract renewal, DiMA also announced that Sally Rose Larson has been promoted to Vice President of Government Relations & Public Affairs, and that music industry veteran Lauren Danzy will serve as Director, External Affairs & Industry Relations as the association continues to build out its talented roster.

Leading the organization since March 2019, Levin has worked tirelessly on behalf of the major streaming services and a market where fans can connect to artists seamlessly and groundbreaking innovation drives industry-wide growth.

“We are building a dynamic and forward-leaning organization reflective of the innovative companies we represent,” said Levin. “Streaming services are the essential nexus between the fan and artist in today’s interdependent music ecosystem and I am proud of DiMA’s work advocating for a more collaborative and comprehensive conversation about streaming’s place in the industry.”

“Streaming sits at the center of a resurgent music industry,” Levin added. “A scan of daily music industry headlines shows how streaming continues to revolutionize the fan experience, drives revenue growth for rightsholders, massive capital investment, and success for a wider and more diverse range of creators than ever.

“At the same time, vital conversations continue to develop around some of the longstanding structural, economic, and data challenges that may impact the ability of individual artists and songwriters to fully realize the benefits of this resurgence. Many of these challenges are as old as the music industry itself.

“One of my key priorities at DiMA is to continue pushing for collaboration throughout the music industry to ensure a healthy music ecosystem that fosters more innovation and values the contributions of all participants.”

Highlights of his tenure at DiMA include:

Promoting the story and contributions of streaming and streaming services through insightful research and collaboration. DiMA has been relentless in promoting a better understanding of the streaming-led modern music marketplace, with initiatives including:

Spearheading streaming services’ vital role in implementing the Music Modernization Act. An outspoken advocate for the landmark reforms included in the MMA, Levin has had a critical hand at every stage of turning the MMA into reality, including:

Leading advocacy efforts on key policy questions. DiMA has been an active voice in maintaining a vibrant and growing music marketplace, seeking to protect the critically important PRO consent decrees; providing insight onindustry trends and efforts by the streaming services during Covid-19; and offering important context and substance to long-standing debates around industry economics and rate-setting proceedings.

Under Levin’s leadership, DiMA has joined important campaigns to benefit the music industry, including:

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