Masterchannel and Cyanite join Music.AI’s platform for stackable AI modules

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3 min readJan 31, 2024


The rapid development of AI resulted in a range of AI-powered tools dispersed across separate platforms.

Now as the market matures, companies recognize the need to combine multiple AI-driven solutions to tackle unique and complex projects. Along with its proprietary AI-powered tools that can be easily combined and scaled within a code-free drag-and-drop interface, Music.AI now launches third-party modules on its platform–allowing businesses to save time, save money, and scale on demand.

With the introduction of both Masterchannel’s AI mastering and spatial audio mastering and Cyanite’s AI-based music tagging and search solutions to its platform, Music.AI expands its hub of best-in-class AI technologies, offering businesses an array of drag-and-drop modules from multiple suppliers in a single platform.

No two businesses are finding value from AI technology in the same way. For this reason, Music.AI has targeted premier third-party partnerships to allow partners to combine technologies from multiple vendors to create never-before-seen value. Combining Music.AI’s stem separation technology with Masterchannel’s spatial mastering, for example, creates a singular workflow to produce spatial mixes at scale. Marrying Cyanite’s metadata tagging with Music.AI’s stem separation and lyric transcription and alignment modules can allow businesses to perform advanced analytics on in-house and competitive content offerings.

All of this is made possible via Music.AI’s flexible drag-and-drop platform, enabling quick testing, validation, and deployment.

“Music.AI is a leap into the future of an AI-powered music industry,” says Geraldo Ramos, CEO and Co-Founder of Music.AI. “Music.AI is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in both music creation and the music business. Combining the technological infrastructure we’ve developed with innovative modules like Masterchannel and Cyanite, Music.AI is set to become the foundational fabric for any company that wants to scale and quickly adopt AI without an in-house research and development team.”

Cyanite provides AI-based solutions that automatically generate comprehensive creative metadata for every song or catalog in seconds. From genre and mood to instruments and tempo, Cyanite extracts a rich set of valuable tags directly from any audio file. Together with state-of-the-art search algorithms, this helps labels, publishers, production music libraries, DSPs, and radio & TV stations better and more efficiently organize, manage, and distribute their media catalogs.

Masterchannel has been pioneering industry-first AI approaches to conventional mastering and now also spatial audio mastering. Digital streaming platforms have recently created incentives for labels to create spatial audio mixes for their platforms. Leveraging Music.AI, record labels can now easily combine Music.AI’s high-fidelity stem separation with Masterchannel’s Spatial Audio Mastering module to efficiently process and remaster extensive catalogs.

“With a blend of creativity and expertly developed AI models, Music.AI is well-positioned to become the world’s most comprehensive and capable AI ecosystem specializing in music and audio,” says Matt Henninger, VP of Sales and Business Development. “We realize that it’s rarely a single AI technology that a partner needs to leverage, so we built an ecosystem capable of combining multiple technologies in a single place.”

Music.AI plans to partner with specialists in the coming months to launch more AI-driven solutions that can be combined, integrated, and deployed quickly. These first integrations are now available to users of the Music.AI platform.