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Metadata is the Biggest Little Problem Plaguing the Music Industry; Dubset Partners With Pioneer to Distribute DJ Mixes

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Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music
Metadata problems have plagued the music industry for decades. Not only are there no standards for how music metadata is collected or displayed, there’s no need to verify the accuracy of a song’s metadata before it gets released, and there’s no one place where music metadata is stored. It’s a crisis that has left, by some estimations, billions on the table unpaid to musicians.

‘Get Played, Get Paid’: Dubset Partners With Pioneer to Distribute DJ

Dubset has announced an integration with DJ hardware and software company Pioneer to clear and distribute DJ mixes using the latter’s paid DJM-REC iOS recording app.

KFC Made a Spotify Playlist of 46 Hip-Hop Songs That Namecheck the
More bangers for your bucket

Radio plugger Russell Thomas launches new streaming-first

Long-time radio plugging service KAOS, founded by industry veteran Russell Thomas, has launched its own record label Get Smart Music.

How to Use Spotify’s Pre-Save in Your Next Album
One of the best ways to build buzz around an upcoming release is to use Spotify’s new pre-save function. Here’s how to get the most out of it!

Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in

In the world of podcasting, the flywheel is spinning.

Is AI-generated music worth anything?
Public recognition of AI-generated music as viable art has gradually expanded from the confines of esoteric research centers and experimental composers

For music streaming apps, growth lies in tier 2 and 3 cities: Gaana

We all need to invest significantly, for that, more competition is good as companies will invest to educate the users and grow the market because that’s the need of the hour, says Agarwal.

3 Music Streaming Services Offer Emerging Artists

In many ways, being an artist is harder now than it’s ever been, and the path to music industry success is crowded with obstacles.

What will music be like in 20 years?
Sumit Paul-Choudhury picks out trends that could shape music over the coming decades, including algoraves, Fortnite concerts and songs catered to smart speakers.

In new ad campaign, Spotify says it wants to be a bigger part of your
The music-streaming company wants to be your go-to app for any moment, any mood, any device, any audio situation.

A Glimpse into the Future of AI in Music
The role of AI in the Music Business is changing how artists create songs and poses a disruption to how the music industry operates.

The Allman Betts Band Shares ‘Shinin’’
The Allman Betts Band unveiled “Shinin’,” the second single from their forthcoming ‘Down To The River’ debut studio album.


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