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Music Biz Banking on VR Concerts; Netflix Loves Music Content; Goodbye, iTunes; Spotify on Apple TV

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Why The Music Industry Is Banking On The Growth Of VR
The industry turned to live shows as their main source of income, yet the problem with live concerts is that they place a natural limit on the number of people who can attend them.

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Goodbye, iTunes: Once-Revolutionary App Gone in Mac
It’s time to bid farewell to iTunes, the once-revolutionary program that made online music sales mainstream and effectively blunted the impact of piracy.

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Musicians Union Seeks Residuals for Streaming as Negotiations
Studio musicians are seeking something they have never had: residual payments for programs made specifically for streaming platforms.

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Spotify launches on Apple
Spotify has launched its long-awaited Apple TV app. This is the first time that the company has launched an app for Apple’s set-top box and largely resembles different versions of the platform as offered on other TV devices such as Roku and PlayStation 4.

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Netflix Loves Music Content — But Also All Other
Netflix seems to release so many music-related projects — but are they just another box to check on the road to eyeball monopolization?


Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ Makes A

The funk classic saw a spike in sales and streams on September 21st.

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‘I’m basically becoming the Uber for African music.’

Mr Eazi never planned on being an artist.


Met Opera’s First Live in HD ‘Turandot’ This

The high and low notes from around the international opera stage.


How to Promote Your Music on

SoundCloud has a reputation as a platform for launching careers and finding your first audience.

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For Podcasters, The “80/20 Rule” Would Be
The wealth distribution model of podcasts: 99% of podcasts don’t make a dime.

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‘Spotify has Been Able to Localize Content for Indian Users, That’s a Success for Us’

This 10-year-old Swedish startup aims to transform the Indian music industry from piracy driven to content driven.

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Music Business Is Being Re-Defined By Generation

While for years millennials were the target demographic of most music business marketing, Generation Z has since risen up as the primary stakeholder in the contemporary marketplace, which is in turn reshaping how artists, labels, and companies market themselves.

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Spotify needs podcasts, so it’s offering podcasters something they can’t get anywhere

“It’s still really the beginning,” says Charlie Hellman, head of Spotify’s creator marketplace. “This is the part of the conversation where we’re continuing to get feedback and trying to iterate the product.”

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