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Music Royalty Investment Platform SongVest Announces New Private Marketplace

Music royalty investment platform SongVest announces a new private marketplace for music catalogs from $1M — $15M+. In addition to offering fractional shares of music royalties to investors and fans, SongVest’s new private marketplace addresses the mid-market needs of buyers and sellers.

SongVest Founder and CEO, Sean Peace, says, “We have realized that there are more and more players looking to purchase in the mid-market below the level that Hipgnosis and Primary Wave play. We also have a large group of brokers trying to get their deals in front of all these buyers, and everyone is sending dropbox links and information that is — frankly — all over the place.”

SongVest’s new private marketplace aims to formalize this very important market segment to make it easy for both brokers to post their deals and for buyers to see them all in a standard format, making it simple for them to review and put forth offers.

SongVest will ensure that brokers post their deals in a standard format with all of the analysis, raw data, and summary sales sheets.

Peace continues, “Buyers love the way we package our deals, so we want to extend that easy-to-analyze formula to all of the deals listed.” Buyers can easily review deals and make offers while SongVest can assist the buyers during any part of the sales process from due diligence to creative and processing the sales contracts, all the way through completing the assignments.

The listing service is free for both brokers and buyers.
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