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Music Streaming Fuels Vinyl’s Resurgence; LiveXLive Wants to Dominate Music Festival Livestreaming


Music streaming is fueling vinyl’s
Streaming has been blamed for killing off the CD, but industry experts agree it’s helping bolster the growth and quality of another physical music format: vinyl…

LiveXLive wants to dominate music festival
LiveXLive has streamed 350 hours from 16 festivals to more than 40 million viewers in 2018. It will also handle the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles.

Apple Music’s arrival on Amazon’s Echo is both surprising and
Maybe the move is a vote of no confidence in the HomePod. But that’s far from the only explanation.

Radio & the Subscriber Economy: Will Consumers Pay for Radio?
Consumers are more willing than ever to pay for media content. Would they pay for broadcast radio? How can broadcasters get in on the action?

Report suggests Liberty Media is eyeing up
We reported last week on speculation that Apple has considered buying a stake in iHeartMedia, or even acquiring iHeartRadio. Now another giant, Liberty Media, is reportedly eyeing up the company.

Troy Carter Talks Prince, Spotify and the Future of
Veteran music exec Troy Carter talked Prince, Spotify and the future of music consumption at Business Insider’s Ignition conference.

Why Bundle Music?

In this piece the people at Single Music why artists should more often bundle content, both physical and digital, and how marketing combinations of merchandise enables them to better connect with fans.

Fnatic takes Deezer Music Streaming Partnership to New Level with ‘Sound of Fnatic’ Gaming Mood

Fnatic, one of the leading global esports brands, and global music streaming service, Deezer, has today announced the new ‘Sound of Fnatic’ experience that will bring fans even closer to the tunes that motivate and inspire their favourite players.

Abbey Road talks its first hackathon: ‘A space for bright ideas’
This month, Abbey Road Studios in London held its first hackathon, with 80 participants from startups and universities as well as 30 industry experts.

Sonarworks True-Fi: Can an App Make Your Headphones Sound

A new app from a Latvian outfit called Sonarworks claims it can tune music to play perfectly through specific headphone models. So whether you’re using AirPods or a swanky pair of $900 Auduze LCD-2s, you’ll hear the same exact mix.

Dear Spotify, Please Build A ‘Followed Artists’

While the world’s leading streaming service has taken great strides in empowering artists on its platform, it has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to users.

JioSaavn becomes India’s answer to Spotify and Apple

India finally has its answer to Spotify after Reliance Jio merged its music service with Saavn, the startup it acquired earlier this year.



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