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Music Streaming Sales Up! (But Artists Made Only 12% of Music Industry Revenue in ‘17)


While Music Streaming Sales Surge, Singers Still Get Paid a

Musicians received just 12 percent of the $43 billion in sales generated from their work in the U.S. last year, according a report Monday by Citigroup. The figure includes revenue from CD sales, on-demand streaming, advertisements on YouTube, radio royalties and concert tickets.

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Apple Music Launching New ‘Friends Mix’ Custom
This September, Apple Music subscribers will notice a new playlist from the streaming service, built off what their friends have been listening to.

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Triller Announces Licensing Deal With 7digital, Allowing Access to Millions of
The AI-powered video-creation application Triller announced a licensing deal with leading business-to-business digital music and radio services platform 7digital on Wednesday.

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SiriusXM Profits Take a Dip as Earnings Rise at Parent Liberty
Liberty Media, the company that is controlled by billionaire mogul John Malone and houses such assets as satellite radio company SiriusXM Radio, the Atlanta Braves baseball club and the Formula One racing circuit, on Wednesday reported higher second-quarter financials.


Amazon Prime Music №2 in Great Britain for active
Everyone knows that the number one music streaming service in Great Britain is Spotify, but who’s number two? Most people would probably answer Apple Music, but the latest entertainment market report from data analysts Kantar Worldpanel suggests that active users of Amazon Prime Music have surpassed Apple Music subscribers for the first time. Music Week analyses the report…

Spotify nyse

Spotify’s AI assistant should be
I recently sat down at my computer to get some work done and in the adjacent Spotify app saw a friend from college playing “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo. On impulse I moved my mouse over to like it — but I couldn’t because the Spotify app on Mac has no way to send a thumbs up, heart emoji, poop emoji,…

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SoundCloud Adds Mobile Feature Spotify Lacks:
SoundCloud is relaunching a popular feature — comments from its mobile apps — alongside a new user experience in iOS and Android. It’s a feature that every music service should have, and is missing from Spotify and Apple Music. Commenting is a core social feature on SoundCloud, with millions of…

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iHeartMedia’s Gator Harrison On State Of Country, Streaming as an ‘Additive’ to Radio & Efforts to Play More Female
Gator Harrison is senior vp programming for iHeartMedia Nashville and day-to-day PD of the company’s venerable Nashville country outlet WSIX.

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‘Austin City Limits’ Announces Fall 2018 Broadcast
Watch a preview of St. Vincent’s performance on the Season 44 premiere of ‘Austin City Limits.’

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Why Spotify faces a difficult hardware conundrum (and so does Sonos)

In early June Spotify applied to the Federal Communications Commission for the use wireless networks approved by the United States government group. This adds to a rather long list of minor news stories that pointed to the Swedish company entering into the hardware market.



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