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Music Tech; Can Blockchain Keep Songwriters From Getting Stiffed?; Disney Embraces Spotify

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Music tech is the new music
Technology has been pushing music forward since the advent of electricity. Records, radio, cassettes, recording technology, CDs, and finally digital and streaming have all disrupted the norm in music. Yet, the industry has always been reticent to adopt new technologies.

Discovering New Music Is About To Get A Whole Lot More
Music fans are increasingly relying on playlists to discover their new favorite music. Deezer is taking it to the next level with artist partnerships to promote up-and-coming musicians inside playlists and elsewhere on the platform.

Can Blockchain Keep Songwriters From Getting Stiffed?
Analyzing if the music industry will be aided by the database Blockchain.

How to reach a Southern mom listening to country music on Pandora after driving the kids to school…
Key takeaway: in creating more personalized, dynamic audio ads, new technologies can impact not just Pandora’s free radio service but the company’s entire business as well as its stakeholders. The…

How This Startup Is Turning Illegal Remixes Into Real
Former Beatport CEO Matthew Adell’s new company has converted more than 20,000 illegal remixed into legit revenue streams for 8,000 clients.

Former U2 Manager Paul McGuinness Talks ‘Greedy’ YouTube, Streaming & Live
Paul McGuinness sat down with former Dire Straits manager Ed Bicknell at London’s Royal Garden Hotel for a wide-ranging discussion about his career and thoughts on the music business as part of the 29th International Live Music Conference.

Disney embraces Spotify with interactive Beauty and the Beast
Disney has launched an interactive ad campaign on Spotify around the upcoming release of the Beauty and The Beast live-action remake.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Music
Three projects at the ­forefront of music’s ­artificial intelligence revolution.

Vertigo Music blends live video broadcasts with Spotify and Apple
Early this year, we spotted a new music app quietly launch on Apple’s App Store: Vertigo Music: a blend of live video with music-streaming from Spotify.

Is New York the Center of the Music Industry Universe?
According to a new study, New York far outpaces top worldwide cities in music industry growth. NYC produces and sustains a strong music ecosystem.

SoundCloud needs more money, or it may sell at a fire-sale
In 2014, the streaming music service thought it was worth $700 million. It could sell for much less.

People in Leeds and LA have the same music taste, says streaming
People in Leeds and Los Angeles have remarkably similar music tastes, according to Deezer, which has named them musical “twin cities”.



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