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Music Tech Trends Defining 2018; Should Brands Pay Artists to Advertise on Playlists?


The Music Tech Trends Defining
From VR festival livestreams to DIY synths and decentralized distribution, these are the inventions, apps, and technologies creators are using this year.

Should Brands pay artists to advertise on Playlists?

As traditional advertising has become less engaging for consumers, publishers and brands have pivoted towards curated sponsored content as a way to break through their indifference.

How Blockchain and ‘Microsubscription’ Services Could Help Artists Earn More From
Streaming services have boomeranged record-company revenues. But given the major labels’ influence over over track placement on services like Spotify and Apple Music — and the formulas they use to calculate artist payouts — many music makers are still struggling to make a living in the streaming ecosystem.

Spotify playlists in Bank of England’s
Music downloads could help the Bank of England understand consumers’ moods, its chief economist says.

How Gaana Is Utilising AI To Win The Battle Against Competitors Like Saavn, Prime
Gaana is fighting a battle for market leadership with competitors like Saavn, Apple Music and the newly-launched Amazon Prime Music. We spoke to Gaana CEO who talked about growth and the use of AI for better user experience.

Amazon’s Alexa is Invading Car Dashboards. What’s It Mean for Radio?
Radio broadcasters and automotive companies are discovering a new way to partner — and it’s all about data. But they’re not alone in car dashboards.

‘A golden age for music is dawning — with the old gatekeepers all but gone’

Is this a tipping point? Is the genie out of the bottle for the music industry? The global music industry has a lot to be upbeat about after the release of two major reports confirmed a sharp upturn in revenues from recorded music over the last twelve months.

Spotify, Diageo and Wavemaker talk audio in an industry obsessed with visual
The potential of using audio to reach consumers in new ways is yet to be recognised by brands.

VNUE Announces Deal with Radio Operations

VNUE announced today that it has signed its first radio monitoring agreement utilizing its patent-pending Soundstr technology.

Digital and analog audio’s curious
Since nearly all music is digitally recorded, why buy a turntable?

Spotify — The impossible success story
Spotify’s success story is both brilliant and hard-won. As the company prepares for its listing, I look back at the decade of close work with Daniel and Martin, from the early days in 2007, and…

Here’s Why Some Albums Are Disappearing From Streaming
In the age of streaming, it isn’t unusual for projects from your favorite artists to disappear from music providers. Here’s why.



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