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Music’s Big 3 Labels Make $19M a Day from Streaming; Mark Ronson Talks Streaming; Is AI the Next Rockstar of Music?

Drake big three

Music’s Big Three Labels Make $19 Million a Day From

Sony, Universal and Warner took in half of their revenue from streaming services in a triumphant 2018.

After a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2017, SoundCloud is on the mend with more
Getting your mixtape out into the world just got easier–but is it enough to get SoundCloud back on its feet?

Mark Ronson on how streaming has changed modern
As his new album comes out, Mark Ronson has been talking about how streaming has affected the craft of music-making. He’s not entirely impressed.

Is AI the next rockstar of music?
Artificial Intelligence music composition is growing out of its infancy. Several new companies have built intelligent platforms using big data and algorithms to create music.

Spotify’s ‘Word’ category highlights spoken-word
Spotify has made it clear that podcasts are just its first push into non-music content, so what’s next? A blog post by the company highlighting its ‘Word’ category offers some hints.

Back to the Stratosphere: How the Rarest Music in the World Comes
Duster was a small, largely forgotten band from the late ’90s. Then their legend began to grow on sites like Discogs. Now, they’re the subject of a major reissue. The internet made it all possible.

Ecrett Music launches AI-music tool for video
The latest startup offering AI-created music is Ecrett Music, and it’s comparable to Jukedeck in its desire to create backing tracks for videos.

Warner Music Files Injunction Against Spotify Ahead Of India Rollout; Spotify Hits Back at Label’s ‘Abusive Behavior’
Warner Music Group has filed an injunction against Spotify to stop the streaming service from illegitimately using Warner’s publishing rights as part of its long-awaited launch in India.

Should Radio Stations Believe in Yesterday’s Music? Research Says…
Researchers at NYU has concluded that MIllennials are more likely to remember classics from decades ago than contemporary hits from the past few years.

Fans of Netflix’s “Russian Doll” are listening to “Gotta Get Up” repeatedly on
“Gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get home before the morning comes.” Is it stuck in your head yet?

Tencent Music invests in one of China’s first streaming services, Douban
Douban FM was launched in 2009

O2 taps into Spotify listening habits to suggest local
Activity is part of ‘Breathe it all in’ work.

Sound Royalties Commits $3 Million to Help Artists Impacted by PledgeMusic’s Financial
Last month, Billboard reported that music crowdfunding site PledgeMusic has been missing payments to artists, with the outstanding sums owed ranging from $50 to $100,000.



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