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Music’s Non-Static Future; FIFA Makes Major Push Into Music; Sonos on Where Streaming Music is Going Next

Music’s non-static future as seen through music making app

For those unfamiliar with Endlesss: it’s a collaborative music making app founded by musician Tim Exile that has been on the market as a (free) mobile app for a while already.

FIFA Makes Major Push Into Music, Starting With ‘PlayOn’

Eps will feature soccer players and musicians.

Sonos on where streaming music is going

A conversation with Sonos Radio GM Ryan Taylor.

Streaming and the Embarrassment of COVID

We’re starting to see a narrative emerging from the digital music services in reaction to artists chafing under the misery of streaming royalties.

Live-stream concerts, festivals and events: The pandemic could change access to entertainment
One silver lining of lockdown: Events that people were unable to attend (or afford) are suddenly a possibility.

‘Streaming’s growth in Africa is already exciting, but there’s so much more we can do’
Zimbabwean, British-raised exec Sipho Dlamani is heading up Universal Music Group in much of Africa. He forecasts a big future for the region and its impact…

Inside Spotify’s Wokest Country Music
Spotify’s recent playlist Indigo highlights the pervasive stylistic connections between country, indie and Americana, attracting listeners who may not self-identify as country fans, but appreciate songs that tell engaging stories.

Can Amazon Take on Spotify With Podcasts?
Amazon’s investing more in podcasts with a big acquisition.

Spain’s music sector suffers €1bn loss in
The news comes as Live DMA releases a new report which criticises the amount of support the live industry has received throughout the pandemic

Willie Nelson to Deliver Keynote at SXSW Online
The country music legend is today announced as a keynote speaker for South by Southwest 2021, along with an initial wave of more than 50 featured speakers.

Wearable Musical Instrument Mictic Opens L.A.

The Zurich-based XR startup is establishing its presence in Southern California to expand distribution, licensing and talent relations; Mictic’s musical wristbands and software will launch in Q2 2021.

How to break out of your Spotify feedback loop to find new
Does the algorithm know you too well? Here’s how to shake up your recommendations for a more diverse listening experience

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