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Music’s Quantitative Methods; iTunes Headed to Windows Store; Study Defends YouTube’s Value To Music Biz; 20 Music Startups at Midem

Music’s Quantitative Methods

Today, recommendation engines designed to curate the perfect individual playlist are redefining both the demand and supply side of the music industry, affecting how listeners judge music and how purveyors sell it. Consumer and song information needs processing, and suitable algorithms have to be found.

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Google Releases Study Defending YouTube’s Value To Music Biz; Trade Bodies Hit
A Google-commissioned report into how YouTube impacts on the wider music economy has found somewhat unsurprisingly that the hugely popular, yet much-maligned platform significantly drives sales and stops users from visiting pirate music services.


Here Are The 20 Music Startups Set To Present At Midem In
These 20 startups may change the music world forever.

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I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It
Earlier this year I applied and interviewed for a graphic design internship at Apple Music (an opportunity of a lifetime), and was turned down with a very kind letter stating that although they liked…

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Korean musician launches classical music streaming
‘Classic Manager’ offers tens of thousands of classical albums not protected by copyright

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Wilco Records Original & Cover For ‘Spotify Singles’
Spotify has unveiled the Wilco installment of ‘Spotify Singles’ including a song Elvis Costello scored a big hit with in 1978.

Martin bandier syracuse university

Sony/ATV’s Martin Bandier on Spotify and Ed Sheeran’s Unreleased
Sony/ATV chief Martin Bandier talked about his career, Spotify, Ed Sheeran, music education and more at Syracuse University last week.

Itunes winstore

iTunes is coming to the Windows
Here is a surprise: at its Build developer conference, Microsoft today announced that Apple’s iTunes will come to the Windows Store by the end of the year…

Khaled im the one apple music streaming record

DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m The One’ Breaks Apple Music Streaming
DJ Khaled keeps on winning.


Sonos + Alexia
We all know that Sonos is finally working on an Alexa integration. As I sit here listening to Atom Heart Mother on my Alexa (via “Alexa, play Pink Floyd’s album Atom Heart Mother”), I so badly want…


Split Sheets: Collect Your Music Publishing

Musicians, producers, artists, songwriters, composers, and everyone in between have the opportunity to own publishing rights to their songs and collect royalties. Here is a quick and easy way to make sure that you get your share of the music publishing rights to the music you help create:

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Pandora potential

Pandora earned more per share than Wall Street expected in the first quarter of this year, but it lost listeners from a year ago. And a new strategy around premium subscriptions wasn’t able to boost forward guidance to meet estimates.

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Mobile phones ring changes for Nigeria s music

Phizbarz is only 23 but hopes to become the next Nigerian Afropop star to be famous across Africa — and to get himself known and earn a living, he’s using his mobile phone.



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