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Music’s Streaming Gold Rush Is a Global Game; The Record Label of The Future is No Label At All


Music’s Streaming Gold Rush Is a Global
Writes manager Nick Jarjour: “We need to think of new ways to seize the opportunity globalized streaming is offering and grow the industry.”


The Record Label of The Future is No Label At
Spotify’s announcement of Anchor and Gimlet seemed inevitable given the companies quest to dominate all things audio. In his blog post on the acquisition, Audio-First, Daniel Ek stated: Spotify has…

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‘Dark Souls’ Soundtracks Are Now Available On
Want to relive that feeling of getting crushed into the ground over and over and over again? Now you can — on Spotify!The Dark Souls trilogy is invading the music client by bringing Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls 3 to Spotify with its unique musical tracks and blood-pumping sounds. It […]

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Stay Free: The Story Of The Clash hits
Public Enemy’s Chuck D narrates The Story Of The Clash in new Spotify series which explores “the rise, reign and ferocious self-destruction of one of music’s most prolific bands”

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Big brands support launch of Spotify
Spotify, the music-streaming giant, made its debut in India this week with a range of new features that the Swedish company says are “finely tuned” to the personal tastes of music fans in the country.

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Spotify Taps Liz Gateley in Podcasting
The former Lifetime programming executive has joined Spotify, as head of creative development, where she is expected to help shape the company’s original podcasting strategy under a new mandate to offer listeners broader audio programming.

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Four Takeaways From the RIAA’s 2018 Year-End
If three makes a trend, the music industry is in full-on rebound mode. In 2018, for the third straight year, recorded-music revenue grew by double-digit percentages in the United States, according to the RIAA, up 12 percent to $9.8 billion.


Weezer get a Fortnite island where their new album is
If you’d asked us who the next music artist would be to work with Fortnite after Marshmello’s recent in-game concert, it’s fair to say Weezer wouldn’t have been our obvious choice. Yet Weezer it is: the band have their very own island in the latest season of the popular game, called Weezer World.


Nashville’s Bollywood streaming station, Shuddh Desi Radio, celebrates one year in Music
If you’re a country fan, Music City has just about everything you want. But for Shaiely Dixit and Aniruddha

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It looks like Apple Music may be coming to Google Home
A leaked screenshot shows that a new Apple Music integration for Google Home may be on its way.

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Spotify cites Conner Youngblood as playlist-submission
Spotify was recently under fire for the way playlist-pitching works for labels on its platform, but the company sees the playlists-submission tool it launched in July 2018 as a positive for artists.

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Google Clock can now wake you with tunes streamed from YouTube Music or
A new update for Android’s default clock app lets you stream playlists, whole albums, or individual songs.



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