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Navigating the NFT Wave; Revelator Adds Microfinancing to Payment-Accelerating Wallet; The Importance of Clearing Samples

11 Indie Musicians on How They’re Navigating the NFT
Skeptics like ANOHNI and Zola Jesus as well as believers like Mick Jenkins and Pussy Riot sound off on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the digital collectible game.

Revelator Adds Microfinancing to Payment-Accelerating
Revelator, the creative rights management and monetization innovators, are expanding their Original Works platform’s Artist Wallet, which enables rightsholders to collect revenue and manage assets at…

The Importance of Clearing

If you love a classic sample in your work or the work of your favorite artists, chances are Deborah Mannis-Gardner has had a hand in making sure those songs see the light of day.

How Japanese Technology Shaped Dance
There’s no denying that Japanese hardware — synthesizers, drum machines, and DJ gear — has exerted a huge influence on dance music. How did this island nation come to dominate music production and playback?

The Complete History of How SoundScan Changed Popular Music
Thirty years ago, Billboard changed the way it tabulated its charts, turning the industry on its head and making room for genres once considered afterthoughts to explode in the national consciousness

The Hi-Fi music streaming race: Is HD audio the next big thing?

High definition music is quickly moving from a boutique service to a standard offering, so what does this mean for music streaming and is it good for listeners?

After launching $100m fund, Influence Media buys catalog from Grammy-nominated songwriter Ali

Deal includes songs performed by Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber and BTS.

TuneCore and Believe partner with YouTube to provide music for TikTok rival
Deal follows Shorts’

He’s shaping the future of Spotify, one moonshot idea at a
Spotify is frequently one step ahead of us, suggesting undiscovered songs, artists and podcasts based on what you listened to in the past. But who is helping Spotify stay one step — or 10 years — ahead in the audio industry?

Bandsintown data hints at ‘rapid return’ of live

The company says that in recent weeks, the number of IRL gigs listed on its platform has more than quadrupled. There are now more than 222k future concerts listed, compared to 87k at the start of 2021.

Streaming — what happens next? Artists demand “a shift in the way business is done”
Artists and industry figures have spoken to NME about what should and could happen next following the government’s streaming inquiry

Music Promo services: A path to success or streaming fraud?

If the promises made by a music promotion service sound just too good to be true, there’s a good chance they probably are.

OneOf Raises $63M in Seed Funding to Build Music NFT Platform on
OneOf has raised $63 million to support its mission to become a more environmentally sustainable music-focused NFT platform.

British Audio Brand Begins Shipping Its First Active Floorstanding
Q Acoustics is now shipping the eagerly awaited Q Active 400 loudspeakers, joining the Q Active 200 bookshelf model that began shipping in January 2021.

Can Music Survive Streaming?

Everyone streams music.

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