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New Services Offer Streaming Solutions for Classical Music; Dave Matthews Band Returns to SiriusXM

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New Services Offer Streaming Solutions For Classical

New platforms devoted exclusively to classical music are now vying for this segment of the streaming market and seeking to drive its growth.

‘Fake Artists’ Have Billions of Streams on Spotify. Is Sony Now Playing the Service at Its Own Game?

Large record companies — who have been complaining about the “fake artist” practice for two years — appear to be adopting a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach.

Rehegoo Music Launches Background Music Streaming Service for

Rehegoo Music Group has launched a new streaming service offering curated playlists and customized song selections for business owners.

Dave Matthews Band Radio Returns To
SiriusXM’s Dave Matthews Band Radio will feature live streams, exclusive interviews, studio cuts, live tracks and more.

Spotify’s Brand Intimacy Ranking Improves as Company Continues Testing New
The apps and social platforms industry has an intimacy problem, according to a new study by branding agency MBLM, but Spotify is looking to defy that trend by testing new features in an effort to form stronger bonds with its users.

Tencent Music Makes You Pay To Stream Current Music — Will This Catch On?
Tencent Music is making free users pay for current users as an incentive to upgrade to a paid subscription, and it appears to be working.

Pandora’s “Sound On” Campaign Helps Listeners Discover Their Sounds of

Pandora announced the summer release of its “Sound On” brand campaign, focused on inspiring listeners to get out and discover their unique songs of the season.

‘The music industry’s in for a really interesting 10 years…’

Various Artists’ Dave Bianchi and John Dawkins on their successes and professional journey to date.

Hallmark Channel Radio Returns to SiriusXM for Wedding Season as Part of New Expanded

SiriusXM and Hallmark Channel announced today an expanded relationship that heralds the return of Hallmark Channel Radio as a recurring seasonal offering through 2020.

Imogen Heap Is Building Tech to Change the Music
The singer-songwriter discusses her projects to help musicians, including a digital hub for artists and WiFi-connected gloves that control sound with movement

CD Baby partners with mastering service CloudBounce

Algorithm-driven mastering service costs $4.90 per track.

Apple Music promotes Tyler, The Creator’s “Igor” with tickets to live performance and
Apple Music will be streaming a performance of Tyler, The Creator’s new album “Igor” on May 22, with the music streaming service promoting the album by offering free tickets to see the artist perform live in a show in Los Angeles.

Why Radio Needs To “Show & Tell”
Radio brands need to market their multi-platform assets so audiences understand how to listen, watch, and enjoy content.


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