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Next Steps for Digital Music Information; Elvis Costello & Songwriting in the Streaming Era; Facebook Debuts Collaborative Music Video App

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A Metadata with Destiny: The Next Steps for Digital Music
From smart speakers & livestreaming to discovery algorithms & contextual playlists, we look at how metadata is evolving with new technologies.


Elvis Costello talks songwriting in the streaming

Costello expects that CDs and downloads will soon “disappear” but that vinyl albums will continue to exist alongside streaming services.

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Warner Chappell Music inks global deal with Africa-based music company

Deal will see Africori and Warner Chappell Music offer new opportunities for African artists.

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Vevo: Global Music Video Streaming Views Up 30% in

Notably, Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV have together contributed nearly 10 million average daily views, including nearly 2 million daily views of the Vevo Holiday Channel, which launched in November.

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Facebook publicly launches its collaborative music video app,

Collab, Facebook’s experimental app for making collaborative music videos, is today launching out of private beta testing with a public release on the App Store.


Endlesss brings its socially distant music collaboration to the
Endlesss has relesaed Studio for the desktop, helping socially distant musicians work together on songs.

Apple music animated album artwork

Apple Music adding animated album artwork with iOS 14.3 and macOS Big Sur 11.1–

As Apple is getting ready to release iOS 14.3 to the public in the coming days, and the company is now rolling out a new feature for Apple Music subscribers.

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Spotify and Vayner Media on the future of storytelling through

The Drum and Spotify have launched a special three-part podcast series and the first episode themed around the ‘Future of Audio’, with the second episode themed around ‘Storytelling through Sound.’


Eight out of 10 musicians earn less than £200 a year from streaming, poll
Artists who have been polled ahead of a Select Committee meeting on the economics of music streaming tell of low earnings, and a need to work outside music to make ends meet.

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Gainesville musicians navigate music

Without concerts, musicians look to stay afloat.


Opera’s latest sidebar feature is a must for anyone who streams
Opera now lets you sign into streaming services and use them from its sidebar. One handy feature is that it automatically pauses as soon as you play a video. — Opera/dpa

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How Spotify Is Driving Data-Driven
Spotify’s infrastructure team have shared how by prioritising data, they’ve built an automated data collection platform that enables data-driven decision-making in DevOps and has improved their develo

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Guy J Raises Twenty Four Thousand Dollars For His New Track On New Streaming Service ROCKI Powered by
What if you could support your favorite artists by investing in their music and sharing in the profits? ROCKI has made that a reality.

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Spotify on the hunt for new head of marketing

Serena Leith departing.

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