Pandora Is Thinking Out of the Box; Why Spotify’s IPO-less IPO is a Smart Idea


Streaming Music Service Pandora Is Thinking Out of the Box — 
 Pandora’s new on-demand service will be a costly upgrade to its ad-supported online radio service, used by 80 million people.

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Why YouTube Music should be the future of Google’s music ambitions — 
 Google Play Music is a solid service, but it needs a major rethink for Google to gain traction against more popular streaming competitors.

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Breaking Down Spotify’s Potential Non-IPO: Why Would the Company Roll the Dice on a Direct Listing? — 
 News that Spotify is mulling a direct listing rather than an IPO spurred plenty of confusion. How could it all shake out?

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The New Windowed Streaming Exclusive —

Bas Grasmayer examines the implications of windowed streaming releases.

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The ‘Streaming Generations’ Present New Challenges For M&E Marketers — 
 New devices, advanced technology, and more flexible options for consumption are changing habits across all age groups, according to a new Deloitte study.

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Apple Said to Add Beats 1 Broadcasting Booth to Iconic Fifth Avenue Store in New York City —

Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan will include a “very unique area” for broadcasting its Beats 1 radio station.

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Is the free version of Spotify still worth it? — 
 For years, Spotify’s ad-supported tier has been the easiest way to access an enormous catalog of free music on the internet. Now it’s the last of its kind — if you don’t count YouTube — and it’s…

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It’s a hard knock life (if you’re a Jay Z fan on Spotify) — 
 In 2017, the dust is starting to settle on the question of how ‘exclusives’ will work on music-streaming services. But Jay Z is taking his own path.


People are now dumping their partners on Spotify and here’s how you can too — 
 Some people go to great creative lengths to ensnare a partner.

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The Music Industry’s Quest for Consumer Data —

How the music industry has been collecting and understanding consumer data over the years, and how that data is being used.

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Free Qantas wi-fi makes Netlfix and Spotify available — 
 Qantas has launched in-flight Wi-Fi for passengers travelling on domestic Boeing 737–800 flights in Australia, with Netflix and Spotify available and Stan and Foxtel to be launched in the coming weeks.


Why Spotify’s IPO-less IPO is a smart idea — 
 Yeah, it’s weird. We explain.


Apple finally teaches Android music app to validate certificates —

Cupertino’s so keen on Android it took eight months to repair interception bug.