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Playlist Culture & Our Attention Spans; Spotify Isn’t Killing The Music Industry

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The Music Industry’s Playlist Culture And Our Attention

In addition to delivering big profits to labels and publishers, playlists are helping new and unknown artists succeed in some profound ways.

Spotify Isn’t Killing The Music Industry; It’s A Tool For Enterprising Indie
For music artists coming of age at a time when all access is possible, the ability to make a living somewhere between starving artist and international star has never been more within reach.

What Will The Streaming Business Model Look Like Tomorrow?

What seems to be consistent regardless of the service is that the significant royalty fees charged by the record companies is so demanding that sustainable profit by the streaming services may be untenable over the next few years.

Will the Titans in the Market Sideline the Small Players in the Indian Music Streaming Industry?
The fight to establish the early leadership in the growing segment among the titans has clearly come under the spotlight.

The Music Modernization Act: Making the Case for Open

In addition to being a rare example these days of genuine bipartisanship in congress, the MMA has proved an even more rare example of consensus among nearly all the (frequently warring) institutional voices within the music industry.

Has Spotify changed music — and is it really worth $30 billion?
As Spotify readies to list its financial worth is a riddle. Its musical value is also contentious.

Speakers Might Be the Next Thing in Your Car to Go the Way of the
A system that would turn the rear window into a subwoofer and A-pillars into tweeters could be the next wave in audio technology.

Tencent Music, Spotify’s strategic partner in China, is valued at over $

Spotify has shed light on another huge music company that has been tipped for IPO.

Spotify says path to profits clear ahead of April 3
Streaming music leader Spotify said on Thursday it has a clear path to profit as it spelled out to investors its growth plans and how it aims to fend off big rivals Apple Inc and Inc ahead of an April 3 listing.

Amazon’s Entry into the Ad-Free Online Music space
Was reasonally surprised to see Amazon enter the Music space in India in a big way. Was a user on SoundCloud but that interest to be on that platform had been nearly non-existant for a long time now…

Spotify Cops To Its Problems And Reveals The Massive Ambitions Of Its

Not exactly known for its transparency, the soon-to-be-public streaming giant offered an unprecedented look at its internal landscape.

Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Golden Hour’ Is Streaming Ahead Of
’Golden Hour’ comes out on March 30th via MCA Nashville.

Opinion: Why Spotify outplays Apple
Spotify is the dominant music streaming services.

Facebook’s Got Problems. They’re Going to Impact Your Radio
As Facebook reacts to pressure over its role in the 2016 election, radio stations across America are seeing their social media interaction decline. What should they do about it?



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