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Playlists Help Bands Focus More on Music, Less on Image; The Cool Job of Getting Music Into Digital Stores

Playlists helping bands focus on music rather than image 1500px

How Playlists Are Helping Bands Focus More On Their Music and Less On Their

An artist’s image has little to do with the music they make, but from the clothes a band wears in press photos to the artwork they’ve chosen for their albums.

Pandora playlist collage

Pandora’s personalized playlists go live for all Premium

The feature is meant to offer Pandora’s free users a reason to upgrade to its top-tier paid offering, Pandora Premium.

Web cool job may 13 1200x630

Daniel G. Harmann’s cool job getting music into digital
Seattle singer-songwriter works for DistroKid, which distributes music to Spotify, iTunes and other outlets.

Susan wojcicki

YouTube Bets on Music as “Trojan Horse” to Boost Subscription
The rebrand puts music at the center of YouTube’s push to sign up subscribers, a move that YouTube global head of music Lyor Cohen says was driven by the “enormous consumption of music happening globally” on YouTube.

Gettyimages 163519210 launches lab for developers to build apps on publishing is an open source, not-for-profit publishing network built on the blockchain with the broad ambition of changing how we distribute, license and monetize content on the internet.

Gn sonic style

Using AI, Gracenote Identifies the Sonic Style of 90 Million Tracks
Nielsen’s Gracenote knows the style of each and every song, not just the genres its author is known for.

Charles caldas merlin

Merlin turns 10 and celebrates indies: ‘We’re over-indexing’
Independent licensing agency Merlin is celebrating its tenth birthday by revealing that 2017 saw its highest number of new members since its first year of operation.

Gettyimages 539071290 wide d859fa1586854ed069ee81d75b314968d3ef1c27

Sony Looks To Spend Billions Expanding Its Music Publishing
Sony’s acquisition of EMI Music Publishing will add the vast majority of a legendary catalog of compositions to its already massive publishing vault.

Vevo logo 2016 billboard 1548

Vevo to Shutter Its Apps and Website in Coming
Vevo announced on Thursday it will “phase out elements” of its owned and operated platforms — meaning its mobile apps and consumer website — and shift the company’s focus toward growing current and future partnerships.

Fl studio 20

Music production software Fruity Loops is now available for
Image-Line has just released the newest version of its Digital Audio Workstation FL Studio (Fruity Loops), and with it comes native Mac support for the first time since its creation in 1997.

Congress building low 2017 billboard 1548

New Alternative Bill in Senate Challenges Music Modernization
The Music Modernization Act passed the House unanimously last month. Now that the legislation has been introduced in the Senate, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has introduced an alternative bill that could slow it down.

20180519 wbp001 0

Spotify kicks off a cultural shift in the music

Making it on to an official playlist on Spotify, a streaming service, can help turn a singer into a superstar in the way that major radio stations once could. Until recently the main criterion for inclusion was a curator’s taste.



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