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Playlists Still Favor U.S. Music; Post Malone VR Concert; Faster Payments for Music Rights Holders


Study: Music Streaming Is a Global Business — But Its Playlists Still Favor U.S.

New report shows that North American artists account for as much as 73 percent of the top editorial playlists on streaming services.


The Music-Making Site That Can Get You a Global Hit (Or a Lawsuit)

Lil Nas X bought the beat for “Old Town Road” for $30 from a website called BeatStars. Inside the new world of cheap music marketplaces that has the music industry scrambling.

Post malone vr concert

Post Malone VR Concert in Oculus Venues Scheduled for 10/
The concert will be live streamed on Oculus Go and Quest headsets.

Music streaming

New Project From Teosto, Revelator, BMAT Focused on Faster Payments for Music Rights

The pilot, organized in the summer of 2019, followed the radio plays of three works on Finnish radio channels. Teosto provided the metadata, splits and user information for 3 songs and 19 rights holders.


We are Not Blind to the Harsh Economic Realities of Streaming: An Interview with an Indie
This post is an interview with a reader who is an independent publisher about how they view the future for songwriters and independent publishers in the streaming upside down world to the right of the decimal place.

Musicpodcasts thumb 150x150

Using Copyrighted Music in

There’s no licensing mechanism by which podcasters can legally include this sort of music for distribution in their programs. No matter how much money you want to throw at the situation, there’s no one that’s empowered to help you.


Spotify-developed tool used for Skygge AI-powered ‘American Folk Songs’

The ‘American Folk Songs‘ EP is the work of French musician and producer Benoit Carré, who created Skygge as his avatar alias for experiments with AI-generated music.

Audio alice moore e  aupyxbjm unsplash.jpg.1200x630 q85 box 0 579 3780 2562 crop

Why Marketers Should Embrace Digital Audio
Pandora says now is the time for brands dive into digital audio and voice. If so, you’ll need a sonic brand and audio strategy.

Audience 1867754 1280

3 Ways Blockchain Can Help the Music
How blockchain technology is being applied to improve both the fan and artist experience within the ever-changing music industry.

Radio everywhere buzz and woody

Radio Everywhere!
Radio is going through digital transformation. But what about the “analog” transformation — the people?

Pandora 1

Pandora revamps app to surface all the ways it’s more than radio
Pandora’s mobile app adds a “For You” discovery feed and a new “modes” feature to tweak the kind of music stations play.

Michael krause 3 cspotifyknut stritzke copy

6 Questions (and Answers) with Michael Krause, Managing Director, Spotify Central

One of the most-streamed podcasts on Spotify isn’t a daily news update or a true crime saga. It’s Fest & Flauschig, a current-events comedy show hosted by two German radio hosts — in German.

Tony gervino billboard portrait 2017 billboard 1548

Tidal Ups Tony Gervino to EVP/Editor-In-Chief, Elliott Wilson to Chief Content
Tidal is capping off the week with two executive-level promotions: Tony Gervino to executive vp/editor-in-chief, and Elliott Wilson to chief content officer.

Why starting an online radio station is better than just a podcast

Why Starting an Online Radio Station is Better Than (just) a

With podcasts becoming the blogs of our time, you may be wondering whether you should launch your own show. Here are some starting questions to ask yourself.

02 piracy computer 2019 billboard 1548

RIAA’s Annual List of ‘Notorious’ Copyright Offenders Includes Stream-Rippers,
The RIAA’s recommendations for this year’s “Notorious Markets List” has a lot of familiar names and themes as in previous years, with stream-ripping sites, rogue MP3 marketplaces and counterfeit CD manufacturers feeling the heat yet again from the recording industry trade org.

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