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PlaylistSupply Debuts New Organic Playlist Search Feature

PlaylistSupply is a tool designed to help artists and their teams find relevant playlists faster and make the whole process more efficient.

Benjamin Stein, the CEO and co-founder of PlaylistSupply, has stated that the tool is “is super effective for niche genres and anyone looking to increase their Spotify traffic.”

PlaylistSupply recently rolled out a new update, which includes a new criteria for directly targeting “Discovered On” Playlists.

The PlaylistSupply Organic Playlist Search feature gives artists a revolutionary opportunity to directly target “Discovered On” playlists exclusively and save tons of hours of work when searching for the most quality Spotify playlists and curators to market.

We dropped a line to our friends at PlaylistSupply for more details about their latest feature.

Platform & Stream: Give us the breakdown of the new product and its impact on music marketing

The Organic Playlist Search allows for targeting “Discovered On” playlists. It provides a more direct way to skip the vetting process and get straight to the quality playlists that provide NEW fans and quality streams.

Our team wanted to provide a new update to our data tool that would further disrupt the digital music marketing scene. We are constantly talking to label marketing teams and managers searching for feedback and insight on ways to improve.

Playlist Supply revolutionized playlist marketing by providing a Spotify playlist search engine that empowered any artist to have the data-science potential of professional music industry or record label software.

This latest release taps into our philosophy by once again taking an outside-the-box approach.

After rigid beta testing and lots of feedback, we are excited to introduce the new Organic Playlist Search feature for directly targeting Spotify’s Discovered On playlists.

Record labels and artists alike have asked us to build a feature that allows you to target Discovered On playlists exclusively. These playlists are often some of the most influential in a genre and can span multiple Spotify for Artists pages. These playlists are a highly relevant source for fans to discover new artists.

You can target similar artists exceptionally well, allowing you to market directly to an audience that will be receptive.

We are always looking for new cutting-edge ways to change the music industry and disrupt the typical patterns of digital music marketing.

The Organic Playlist Search is one of many new features to be rolled out. We are excited to keep indie artists at the forefront of tech and music marketing colliding.

Platform & Stream: What are some key features of Organic Playlist Search?

The implications for artists and record labels with this revolutionary music marketing technology enable them to reach new audiences and take marketing releases to the next level.

The new feature allows users to type in any artist’s name. Once the exact artist name is typed in, the tool will search their Spotify profile for all “Discovered On” playlists. Contact information from these playlists is then added to your tool page and can be saved in your database.

Spotify’s Discovered on Playlists are high-traffic playlists that are the top sources of artist discovery. This is an exciting opportunity to save hours of time and budget when searching for quality Spotify playlist curator contact info with organically heavy traffic! This also has big implications for similar artist targeting, as you can directly target similar artists’ Spotify profiles.

These playlists are frequented by superfans and audiences that are more likely to be receptive. It is extremely important to identify and target similar artists to your music, client, or brand. This can also be used to target artists on similar tour routes or in similar regional markets. With good market research, the potential of the new Playlist Supply Organic Playlist Search is endless.

You can now search by any artist name when selecting the “Organic Search” criteria. PlaylistSupply will gather all “Discovered On” Playlists and their verified curator’s contact info directly from the artists’ page. This information comes in a well-composed data sheet including all kinds of helpful information, for example, when the playlist was last updated so that you don’t end up pitching your release to inactive playlists.

With this feature, we are also adding a credit system. Each “Discovered On” search that gathers playlist contact information will deduct credits depending on the number of contacts gathered.

Users can now sign up for recurring credits balance for Organic Playlist searches.

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