PlaylistSupply to Give Playlist Analytics a Big Boost with New AI Solution

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5 min readOct 30, 2023


PlaylistSupply is a tool designed to help artists and their teams find relevant playlists faster and make the whole process more efficient.

Benjamin Stein, the CEO and co-founder of PlaylistSupply, has stated that the tool is “is super effective for niche genres and anyone looking to increase their Spotify traffic.”

It’s always nice to catch up with the team. Recently, we connected to chat about a new analytics solution — PlaylistVet — that’s sure to spark big interest from the music industry.

1. Give us the breakdown of the new product — PlaylistVet. When does it debut, how does it impact users?

PlaylistVet is our groundbreaking innovation in the realm of playlist analytics, set to make its debut in November.

Designed as an AI solution for artists, managers, and music industry professionals, it will streamline the process of playlist evaluation allowing you to vet any playlist before reaching out.

Leveraging a custom-built artificial intelligence model, our new one-click playlist quality check solution employs a meticulous cross-referencing process between a given playlist and the “Discovered On” playlists showcased on an artist’s profile.

This enables our users to identify playlists that guarantee legitimacy, boasting genuine traffic and prominent visibility on the front page of featured artist profiles. Now, you can avoid wasting time pitching to fake playlists using our first-to-market playlist quality-checking tool.

Every playlist will now have its own health check option that you can click to automatically analyse the playlist.

Artists, Managers, and Record Labels are now able to seamlessly integrate playlist validation into their playlist placement discovery and music marketing campaign. By making informed decisions using data about the playlists they engage with, users can enhance their placement experience and discover high-quality playlists tailored to their preferences.

In an age where streaming platforms dominate the music industry, PlaylistVet offers a unique proposition. Users can now discern the quality and relevance of playlists, ensuring their tracks reach the right ears.

By leveraging PlaylistVet, indie artists and record labels can enhance their music marketing strategies, optimize outreach, and achieve superior placement results on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

It’s not just about quantity; it’s about connecting with quality playlists that align with your music’s vibe and audience.

2. What are some key features?

PlaylistVet harnesses the power of a highly sophisticated AI model specially designed to scrutinise and verify the authenticity of playlists. By leveraging advanced algorithms, it provides users with reliable insights into the legitimacy of a playlist.

The feature unique AI model leveraging system cross-checks “Discovered On” playlists with artist profiles within a playlist to identify high-quality playlists.

This new feature then provides a playlist rating score, which will be a quality percentage based on the amount of artist profiles it appears on. These playlists with high scores are getting a ton of good traffic, appear on artists’ profiles, leading to discovery, and are algorithmically favored. Once released into PlaylistSupply; you can press a button and see the score for each playlist within seconds. Playlists with a higher score also tend to be algorithmically favored in the Spotify algorithm

PlaylistSupply’s PlaylistVet represents a significant advancement in playlist vetting and quality checking capabilities, enabling users to conduct thorough, in-depth playlist background checks on any playlist they come across.

3. Looking beyond PlaylistVet, what’s on the horizon for PlaylistSupply as we prepare to close the book on 2023?

Since the inception of PlaylistSupply, the first Spotify playlist search engine, we have sought to empower artists, managers, and record labels to tackle playlist marketing most efficiently.

PlaylistSupply’s objective has always been straightforward: revolutionize playlist marketing. PlaylistVet is a testament to this mission.

By leveraging data and state-of-the-art tech, artists and managers can now make more informed decisions, focusing on genuine engagement and authentic audience playlist trends.

As we edge closer to wrapping up 2023, PlaylistSupply is committed to advancing the nexus between music and technology.

Our mission has always been about empowering artists, and that drive fuels our innovations.

In the pipeline are more intuitive AI-powered tools to assist and amplify artist discovery, hone music marketing campaigns, and foster genuine fan engagement.

Moreover, with the expansion of music streaming in global markets, we’re focusing on providing localized solutions catering to diverse musical styles and cultures.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking features that will redefine how indie artists, labels, and music industry professionals navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital music.

With the dawn of new listening habits and emerging global markets, PlaylistSupply is poised to be at the forefront, equipping our users with cutting-edge tools that ensure they stay relevant and lead the pack.

Our unwavering dedication to innovation and actionable insights will continue to shape the future of music promotion and discovery.

As we always say — it’s not just about being heard; it’s about being heard by the right audience, in the right place at the right time.

We have some new projects set to release in 2024 that we are extremely excited about but cannot say much about. Stay tuned!

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