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Primephonic Debuts New Listening Guides; What Now for Kobalt?; Rocket Songs Connects Artists to Original Songs

Primephonic enriches its classical music streaming with Maestro listening

Classical music streaming service Primephonic announced the launch of Maestro, an in-app listening guide offering detailed, step-by-step “walkthroughs” of classic works.

Spotify Grows to End 2020 With 155 Million Paid

Music streaming giant Spotify said on Wednesday that it ended 2020 with 155 million premium, or paid, subscribers, a 24 percent gain over the past year that exceeded company estimates, and 345 million total active monthly users.

Rocket Songs Connects Artists to Original Songs From the World’s Best

Professional songwriters often have hidden gems — their amazing songs that never get recorded. Artists, especially emerging and independent artists, want to find these gems, but they lack connections to songwriters and publishers. Rocket Songs is changing this.

What now for Kobalt? The small matter of a $500m-a-year publishing company, for starters…
Following the sale of AWAL and Kobalt Neighbouring Rights, where does Willard Ahdritz’s company go from here?

SiriusXM Is Launching Two New Dance Channels With a Pair of Superstar Producers:
A State of Armin and Aoki’s Remix Radio go live today (January 3) at 12 p.m. ET via the SiriusXM app.

The live versus streaming demographic
As we begin 2021 with a vaccine on the near horizon, live venue businesses are holding on with whitening knuckles through the intermediate stricter lockdowns. However, the world has changed much in the…

Stephen Emmer: Save the Arts on Radio,

How are all the artists and their crews doing whilst they cannot perform anywhere?

Streamlining the Streaming
The Music Modernization Act will streamline a long-antiquated legal regime for the benefit of those pulling the strings — streaming companies and record labels.

2020 Music Industry Trends & the Future of the Music
Our new music industry trends report, 6MO H2 2020: Breakthrough Music, dives into where new acts emerged, how older tracks found new life on popular platforms, and what the future of the music business might look like.

Deezer Introduces New Search by Lyrics Feature For
Deezer has introduced a new search by lyrics feature. Find songs based on the one lyric you do know, no problem.

Warner Music Group Sees Boost In Profits Due To Streaming

A 17.5% increase in streaming revenue helped WMG have a record quarter, they’re expecting even more growth in 2021.

Breakr wants to help artists find influencers to work
As the ‘TikTok-fuelled hit’ stories keep coming, so the idea of enlisting influencers on that and other social apps to help break a new track becomes more appealing — even if manufacturing such virality remains challenging.

JLCO Septet with Wynton Marsalis: NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

NPR Tiny Desk Celebrates Black History Month series kicks off with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra Septet with Wynton Marsalis’ live performance of movements from The Democracy! Suite.

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