Qobuz Sets U.S. Launch Of High-Res Streaming; YouTube Challenges Spotify, Apple Music for College Students’ Money

Listen Up, Audiophiles: Qobuz Sets U.S. Launch Of High-Res Streaming

 Qobuz, a French music streaming company with operations across Europe, plans to launch its high-resolution service in the U.S. in 2019.

YouTube Challenges Spotify, Apple Music for College Students’ Money


Half a year after launching its standalone music-streaming service, YouTube is following the lead of its competitors and rolling out student pricing.

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Underground Radio Directory collects independent online radio stations from around the world — djmag.com 
 So far it includes radio stations from 53 different cities…

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Tidal brings its high fidelity music streaming app to the Microsoft Store — www.onmsft.com 
 Tidal, a music streaming service that offers songs in “lossless” audio format, has officially been released to the Microsoft Store.

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Can AI Create Better Music Than Humans? — www.forbes.com 
 All of this raises the question: in a world where art can be manufactured on-demand to a user’s precise specifications, what is the role of the artist?

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Copyright Royalty Board Makes Flurry of Changes, Extends Comment Period For Music Modernization Act — www.billboard.com 
 In a flurry of activity over the last few week, the Copyright Royalty Board has cemented some previous determinations for on-demand services and background music services and amended some of its regulations for rate determinations made this year.

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Music Industry Asks US Govt. to Reconsider Website Blocking — torrentfreak.com 
 US companies have successfully lobbied and litigated extensively for pirate site blockades around the world. On their home turf, the issue was categorically avoided following the SOPA outrage several years ago. It now appears that this position is slowly beginning to change.

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Spotify for Artists Will Charge for Certain Services, Daniel Ek Says — www.digitalmusicnews.com 
 In a bid to boost the service’s profitability in the long run, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has revealed plans to introduce tools for artists.

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Social music app Playlist lets you listen to music with others in real time — techcrunch.com

A new app called Playlist aims to make music a more social experience than what’s offered today by the major music platforms like Apple Music, Pandora or Spotify, for example.

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Better Data Than Never: Publishers Finally Get Under the Spotify Bonnet — www.synchtank.com 
 As Spotify adds Publishing Analytics, Eamonn Forde examines what this might mean for publishers and songwriters.

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Why Spotify needs to up its game outside of Europe and the Americas (and is making big bets to do so) — www.musicbusinessworldwide.com

If Spotify’s expanding into India, its investors should prepare themselves for a tough challenge ahead.