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Rap Radio Playing More Women, But Streaming Playlists Lag Behind; Pandora Lets You Mess With Its Formula for Music Recommendations


Rap Radio Is Playing More Women, But Streaming Playlists Lag

In the wake of Cardi B, more women are are breaking nationally on rap radio than ever before. Streaming services are not, so far, catching up.


A sound algorithm has signed a major label record
In a workld first, stress-reducing sound app Endel has been added to Warner Music Group.

Apple music logo official 2018 billboard 1548

Apple Music Rebrands The A-List: Dance Playlist as
The first danceXL playlist features Alesso, FISHER, Alison Wonderland, Above & Beyond and more.


Tuner app will build on Spotify to offer ‘the new radio’
An app offering collaborative playlists, synchronous listening and group chat features, all built on top of Spotify, so that users sign in with their Spotify Premium account.

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Dice Rolls Into The U.S. Concert
The London-based startup aims to disrupt the ticketing industry and eradicate scalping.

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Pandora Lets You Mess With Its Formula for Music
Pandora introduced a new feature called Modes, allowing subscribers to pick between six different algorithms that determine what the popular music streaming service will decide to play. From modes based on popularity to finding deeper cuts, users now have massive control over music discovery.

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Jordan Peele Talks About ‘Us’ Soundtrack and Music in Film in Spotify’s First-Ever Movie
Jordan Peele discusses music in his new horror film “Us” in the first movie-sponsored takeover of Spotify’s TV & Movies hub.

Apple music

Apple Music gets ‘Browse’ tweaks and live gigs in
Apple Music’s iOS app appears to be getting a spring-clean ahead of tonight’s big services press-launch from its parent company. 9 to 5 Mac reported that the app’s ‘Browse’ screen has been freshened up.

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More Than a (Gut) Feeling: Streaming Data Changes Game For Country Artists Launching Debut
It used to be a test of a record executive’s gut instincts. Now it’s a bit of a mathematical equation.

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Are Audiophiles Unknown?
Paul Wilson wonders how many people know the term “audiophile.”

Peloton logo 2019 billboard 1548

Peloton Removing Classes Featuring Songs Named in NMPA
After a lawsuit was filed against Peloton last week, the exercise startup is removing classes featuring songs publishers claim were being used without proper licenses.

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Inside ‘Rap Camp,’ Def Jam’s Fierce Gamble on the Future of

Def Jam signed two dozen young rappers and threw them together in “rap camp.” What emerged may be a new — and cheaper — model for the record business.



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