Revelator Chooses Stripe for NFT Payment Infrastructure

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2 min readJan 10, 2023


Revelator has chosen Stripe to let fans use a credit card to purchase digital collectibles directly from artists, with no additional digital wallet required. By offering fans the ability to purchase using their credit cards, Revelator has optimized for simplicity and conversion of web2 users into web3 buyers.

Revelator’s platform is the first to integrate web3 functionality alongside its best-in-class management digital music supply chain, royalties, and reporting, enabling labels, publishers, distributors, and creators to unlock a new direct to fan revenue stream with digital collectibles and payments powered by Stripe.

“Using Stripe, Revelator will play a crucial role in helping to garner widespread use of web3 from non-crypto natives in the music industry,” says Bruno Guez, CEO and founder of Revelator. “This is a major step toward Revelator’s vision of onboarding more labels, artists, and fans onto web3, to bring these promising digital assets to the mainstream of music fans. Right now, too much arcane technical knowledge is required to get music fans and music companies really excited about what should be a thrilling new medium,” explains Guez.

Revelator has developed a new, ridiculously easy-to-use NFT on-ramp to its Revelator Pro platform that enables customers to create, sell, distribute and manage NFTs, alongside all their other business activity, in one place — an industry first. This new offering will build one of the first substantial bridges between music’s web2 present and its web3 future.

Stripe, which provides financial infrastructure for businesses, manages KYC, fraud, and disputes for its partners, creating a seamless user experience for first-time NFT purchasers. Customers who have set up an account can purchase NFTs with one click. Thanks to Revelator’s integration of these features, labels, management companies, and distributors will be able to offer new web3-related products and services to their artists or directly to fans, without incurring gas fees, in a confidence-inspiring, secure way.

Revelator continues to forge a path toward a new, hybrid future that supports a range of business models and will support Revelator’s ongoing efforts to help music companies and creators bridge web2 and web3.

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