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Rivet, the MIT Creator Economy Startup, to Debut August 6

Founded in 2020, Rivet is an award-winning start-up from MIT designed to empower creators to turn their audiences to repeat customers for their curated content.

Made by artists, Rivet’s goal is to help creators develop, expand, and monetize their fanbase. By streamlining the fan funnel process, Rivet allows artists to quickly nurture and build lasting meaningful relationships with their superfans.

Founded by Anj Fayemi and Korede Aderele, the Cambridge-based company creates intuitive, seamless tools that are powerful enough for creators to create their own sustainable businesses and simple enough to get started in minutes.

Rivet is built for creators by active creators.

Rivet already has just under a hundred beta users like Ivy Sole, FIG, Asa Asika, Godwin Tom with over 6,000 fans in their communities.

There is also a pilot with an artist program this summer that has made tens of thousands of dollars for creators.

Rivet won the 2021 MIT Creative Arts Competition and was selected to participate in MIT’s delta V accelerator


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