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Should Spotify Change The Way It Pays Artists?; Rhapsody, Sony Music Bring Streaming Service to Japan

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Should Spotify Change The Way It Pays Artists?

Some in the industry claim that the streaming giant’s setup unfairly advantages A-list pop stars. Could a new payment system be the answer?

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Rhapsody, Sony Music Bring First Hi-Res Audio Streaming Service to Japan

Rhapsody and Sony Music (Japan) today announced a partnership to launch the first on demand, high resolution streaming music service in Japan. The premier service allows Japanese music fans to have both the convenience of on-demand and the superior quality of high resolution music.


Music Giant Backed by Pony Ma Is Poised to Spin New
A lawyer, a computer scientist and China’s third-richest person are poised to create one of the year’s biggest hits in the music industry.

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Spotify Has Upside, but Not Where the Market’s
Spotify stock has potential opportunities ahead, in an area most investors haven’t focused on.

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From underground to mainstream: Emo rap explodes into streaming music
Experts at Spotify tell NBC News that the Emo rap, a music genre made famous by Soundcloud, didn’t just rise in popularity this year, it exploded. The streaming service dubbed it as the fastest-growing genre of 2018.

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The Ethical Pool Future: Will Fans Cut the Cord to Big Streaming Services if Artists Leave?
Hyper-efficient market share distributions are already causing some artists to like cutting the cord with big services — the only question is how to get their core fans to follow them.

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Streaming Music From Personal Accounts in Coffee Shops is Not Really
Daily Coffee News by Roast magazine provides essential only news and resources for specialty coffee professionals. Daily Coffee News covers coffee news from seed to cup, including stories on coffee origin, imports, exports, logistics, supply chains, sustainability, retail, baristas, roasting and consumer trends.

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Europe Puts International Stream Rippers and MP3 Pirates on Notice With Inaugural ‘Watch List’
The European Commission today publishes its inaugural list of non-EU websites and firms that they deem responsible for lingering piracy and counterfeiting abuse of European products, including music.

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How Audiomack’s Niche Value Proposition Established It As A Competitor In Music
Music streaming service Audiomack is strategically positioning itself an integral part of an artist’s marketing strategy. Despite fierce competition from corporate entities like Spotify and Apple Music, Audiomack is relying on its simple value proposition to scale its freemium business model.

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What Spotify and Apple Music Really Pay — According to Das
According to Das Kapital, musicians earn $3,800 after 1 million plays on Spotify, and $7,800 on Apple Music, and should expect to earn $200 per live show.

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3 Greatest Challenges Facing Musicians In The Digital

While artists now live in a time when they have more freedom than ever to create, market, and sell their music, the digital age has brought with it a unique set of challenges as well.

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MTN Launches MusicTime!, A Music Streaming
MTN has launched MusicTime!, a fully inclusive time-based music streaming service.



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