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SiriusXM Adds 100+ Channels; Streaming Made Up 75% of Music Industry Revenue in 2018; Google Home Smart Speakers + Apple Music

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SiriusXM Adds More Than 100 New Channels to Streaming
On the heels of its recent aquisition of Pandora, satellite radio behemoth SiriusXM is adding more than 100 curated music channels to the streaming platform, its biggest unloading yet.

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Streaming Made Up 75% of Music Industry Revenue in

The RIAA’s year-end report revealed that vinyl sales are up from 2017.

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Google Home Smart Speakers Getting Apple Music
An option to add Apple Music is showing up in the Google Home app

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Gracenote Partners With Muzooka to Include Artist Images in Music
Gracenote is now adding photos to its music metadata, thanks to a new partnership with Muzooka.


Purdue University to block streaming sites in
Purdue University is moving to block Netflix and other popular streaming services in classrooms in an attempt to focus on academics while reducing the university’s broadband usage.

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SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor On Putting The Artist
In the very crowded world of streaming, SoundCloud stands out by focusing on the artists before the listeners. Like today, the platform is unveiling a new distribution system today that allows artists to take their music directly from SoundCloud to Spotify and more.CEO Kerry Trainor explains why.


Spotify And Warner Music Legal Battles Could Shape Indian Laws For Streaming
We know Spotify and Warner Music are nowhere close to a deal, but how did it come to this?

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Midemlab startups contest opens call for entries in
Music/tech startups are being invited to apply for this year’s Midemlab competition, which will see its final pitch sessions take place at the Midem conference in Cannes this June.

Dawn ostroff spotify

Spotify Looking at ‘Broad Range’ of Podcast M&A Deals, Content Chief Dawn Ostroff
Spotify content chief Dawn Ostroff said the company is looking at a “myriad of opportunities” in its $500 million podcast push.

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The Napster Era Still an Issue for Some Security Clearance
If you’ve downloaded music, movies or games in the past, be prepared to give a dollar amount for the pirated material — and to be held accountable if it is significant.

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Monkees Classics Hit LyricFind Charts After Peter Tork’s
“Daydream Believer” debuts at №1 on the LyricFind Global chart, which tracks worldwide lyrics views and usage.

Flight of the conchords live in london

Stream: Flight Of The Conchords Stream New Album ‘Live In London’
Listen to Flight Of The Conchords’ ‘Live In London’ over a week ahead of its official release.



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