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Smart Speakers, Virtual Assistants and the Music Biz; What is Hi-Res Audio, and Should I Care About It?

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How Apple’s Homepod, Amazon’s Echo and voice recognition are changing the music industry as we know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months you will be aware of the unprecedented development and take up of virtual assistants and smart speakers. Make no mistake: these devices and this technology will have a profound effect on our industry across all sectors.

A recent survey from Adobe Analytics discovered that the most popular activity on voice controlled devices is, yep, you guessed it, playing music.

How Spotify Beat Apple to Charting the Future of
Spotify beat back the scourge of streaming album exclusives, and now it’s ready to go public. Here’s what it says about how fans value artists and platforms.

What Exactly Is Hi-Res Audio, and Should I Care About It?
With labels eyeing hi-res audio as the next add-on for streaming services, we explore the challenges of attaining a future that sounds much better.

Musicians Turned Miners? How a DJ Is Disrupting Spotify With

A streaming service that “mines” via a smart contract, Choon gives 80 percent of profits directly to musicians — a step up from similar services like Spotify — which pay out disturbingly low fees.

There’s no future in England’s streaming: Why British music needs radio more than
The streaming revolution has reached every corner of the music business, but its effect on radio has always been greatly exaggerated.

Apple Music to Release Cash Money Documentary
The delayed documentary will finally be available to the public on Friday, February 16 on Apple Music. ‘Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story’ will detail the life of Bryan “Birdman” Williams prior to him starting Cash Money Records.

How to Optimize Your Spotify for Artists

One of the most effective ways to utilize the platform is to create a custom Spotify for Artists profile, which will help you get verified, easily manage your profile, learn about your fanbase and more.

Safaricom Moves to the Beat with Songa Music
Safaricom Beatz is a music streaming app that is meant to create an alternative revenue stream for artists and well, of course, mother green (Safaricom).

New licensing platform launched in

Kenyan copyright collection agencies yesterday took a new leap into the digital era with the unveiling of an online platform.

YouTube explains how it’ll punish ‘egregious’
Vlogger Logan Paul wins this month’s award for being the least self-aware social-media influencer on the planet.

Dallas Records Stores and Bands Hang Onto CDs as Big Chains Abandon
“The CDs that nearly killed vinyl are seeing a boost from vinyl’s resurgence, says Mark Burke, owner of Denton-based Mad World Records.



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