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Songfluencer Acquires Preffy to Further Stake in Music Tech TikTok Space

Songfluencer — the Nashville-based music marketing firm which uses data-driven technology to earn music success on TikTok — is further staking its claim in the music tech landscape with the acquisition of Preffy.

The brainchild of Charlie Davis, this breakout platform, which was recently featured in Billboard and Business Insider, allows artists to host prize-based competitions with influencers to see who can garner the most likes on a social media video featuring the artist’s song, therefore gaining organic exposure for all parties involved.

“As early pioneers in the Gen Z marketing arena, bringing technology into this landscape and utilizing it to make the most impactful decisions for our clients has been our foundational principle,” explains Songfluencer co-founder Johnny Cloherty. “Since our inception, we have developed our own proprietary solutions, zealously tested new software components, and studied technology developed by other entrepreneurs. Once we saw what Charlie [Davis] was accomplishing, we knew a partnership had to happen and quickly acquired his platform. This acquisition is a testament to our company’s longstanding commitment to bring technology to the wild frontier of social media influencer marketing. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most game-changing products to enter our space in a long time.”

This news is sure to further Songfluencer’s already established success in the music tech community, as Rolling Stone lauds the startup for “transforming guesswork and prayer into something closer to science.”

In the past year alone, Songfluencer has executed successful TikTok campaigns for a range of artists on Atlantic Records, Epic Records, SONY Music, Interscope Records, and many more, including the viral moment with Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” which not only garnered millions of streams for the track itself, but also led to the group’s 1978 album, ‘Rumors,’ hitting Top-10 on the Billboard 200 Chart this past October.

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