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Songfluencer Wants to Predict the Next TikTok Hit; Waze Brings Amazon Music Into App; Shazam Surpasses 200M Monthly Active Users Worldwide

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A Data-Driven Music Startup Wants to Predict the Next TikTok

Data-driven startup Songfluencer uses analytics to drive TikTok marketing instead of “randomly handing checks to influencers.”

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Waze brings Amazon Music into its
Waze has added yet another music and audio service to its app, with the integration of Amazon Music.

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Shazam surpasses 200m monthly active users

Tones and I’s single Dance Monkey also named as the most-Shazamed track ever.

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Apple Podcasts Web Embed Finally Arrives, Helping You Nibble Before

Podcasters have been waiting for this for years .

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Opera Integrates Player Feature on Browser for Quick Access to Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube
Opera has added a new Player feature that will give users instant access to Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. Users can remain logged in to all three music streaming platforms and alternate between them.

Veva collect banner

How VEVA Collect is trying to solve a problem worth ‘millions of dollars in unpaid royalties’

The business, and it is a business, of ascertaining who contributed what to a finished recording (a unit of copyright, to put it even less romantically) has always been complicated and often contentious.

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RIP Google Music, one of the company’s last examples of

Google Music is dead, and with it one of the few remaining connections I have to the company that doesn’t feel like a gun to my head.

Breakathon press

KuDiBa tears down barriers in the live sector of the cultural

On November 27, developers, designers, and people from the cultural sector will come together for the first inclusive online hackathon. The goal is to develop prototypes for digital tools on an open-source basis in 48 hours.


UK music industry will halve in size due to Covid, says

Growth of 11% in 2019 predicted to reverse this year with collapse of live sector.

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Pandora Joins Chartmetric’s How Music Charts to Talk Pandora
On this episode of How Music Charts, Pandora’s Dan Wissinger and Jay Troop explain how to get the most out of Pandora, why it matters, and how you can leverage your Pandora data.

Unilad sound

Unilad Sound is now an official Apple Music playlist
Earlier this month, we wrote about how online brand LadBible had put Craig David and KSI on people’s desks via an augmented reality music video.

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Lyric Theatre Produces ‘Songs for a New World,’ an On-Demand Streaming
Going into its spring 2020 season, Vermont’s Lyric Theatre had to do something unprecedented: postpone a production. The company was set to present Matilda the…

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Bluesound Node 2i review: This high-fidelity music streamer sits at the top of its
Add your own amp and speakers and you’ll have a killer audio system on a reasonable budget.


Jon Bon Jovi talks rock in the digital

Most contemporary rock bands might struggle to gain traction on streaming services, but classic acts are doing very nicely, thank you.


DTS Connected Radio Adds Song Lyrics from LyricFind to its Global Hybrid Radio

Deep collaboration with LyricFind means DTS Connected Radio users can access the world’s largest, most accurate, multi-language lyrics catalogue for enhanced in-vehicle radio listening.

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Monstercat and Twitch Partner for Fast-Tracked Affiliate
Influential record label Monstercat has teamed up with Twitch to allow Gold Subscribers to leapfrog the queue for Affiliate status.

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Sonos soars after strong fiscal-year revenue
In the fiscal fourth quarter, which ended on October 3, Sonos’ revenue grew 16%, although the quarter was 14 weeks long.

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