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SoundCloud Expands Playlists; Apple Music on 40M Android Devices; JioSaavn Cuts Annual Subscription Price by 75%

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SoundCloud Expands Playlists, Introduces Community Profile
SoundCloud has added a host of curated playlists to its service, allowing streaming platform’s users to more easily discover new music. In addition, the company will now feature community profile pages, designed to bring together fans and curators who share the same musical tastes.

Apple Music Has Been Installed On 40 Million Android
We know that some of you might have cringed a little when Apple announced that they would be launching Apple Music on Android. This is because of the…

Record labels sue Charter for not kicking off music
Sony, UMG, Warner Bros., and others have sued internet service provider Charter Communications for not terminating the accounts of music pirates who were flagged by record labels.

Kobalt is a Major Label Waiting to

So, what makes Kobalt so different? In some respects, nothing. Most of what Kobalt is doing has been done before, and there are others plotting a similar path right now. What matters is how it is executing, how well backed it is and the scale of its ambitions:

Report: JioSaavn slashes annual subscription price by
Will Spotify’s launch in India trigger a price war among competing music-subscription services? It’s possible: JioSaavn has just slashed the price of its annual JioSaavn Pro subscription by as much as 75%.

Spotify expands personalization to its programmed
Spotify this morning announced a major change to how its playlists will operate, with the news that some of its previously human-curated playlists will now be personalized based on listeners’ tastes. Before, Spotify offered personalized playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily…

Nielsen: Radio Still Dominates Audio
The ratings firm is out with its Total Audience Report for the third quarter of 2018. The news for the audio world is very encouraging. As more ways to listen to audio become available, more people are spending time with audio. And, according to Nielsen, radio continues to be the dominant player.

Could Crypto And Blockchain Shake Up The Music Streaming Monopolies?
The drive of the music business intermediators is to keep as big a slice of the pie to themselves as possible. But just when they have scrambled back from years of online disruption, blockchain and cryptocurrency could turn their world upside down once more.

Audio AR Hits The Right Note At South By
Audio AR offers a low-risk way for companies and brands to venture into AR. Here’s a round-up of some of the audio AR apps at SXSW 2019.

Musicians, Investors Turn to Subscription Service for
Just as music-subscription services have upended the way fans listen to and pay for songs, they are now having an impact on the way musicians create and make money from their work.

Songs for Screens: Shaed Is the Latest Act to Get a Boost From
Songs for Screens: After Billie Eilish and Marian Hill, Shaed Is the latest act to get rocket fuel from an Apple ad.



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