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SoundCloud’s New Royalties Plan; Viberate: All Music Festivals Will Likely Have App by 2025; Capturing All the Value in Music

SoundCloud Announces

Fan-powered royalties are a new model of payouts that is driven directly by an artist’s fan base.

Viberate: Every Music Festival Will Likely Have an App by

As live events will finally start to make a comeback, optimizing online communication efforts and costs will be crucial — and apps will be a vital part of that.

The importance of rights’ management — Capturing all the value in

With the current and ongoing digital revolution creating a general optimistic scenery for the music industry to bloom in, global access to music gets spread continuously and at a faster pace than ever before.

The Hidden Value(s) of Digital
Crypto art may seem radical but its preservation of systemic traditions in the music industry won’t move us forward.

Direct to the fan: websites are where the rubber meets the road for independent
Much like the live music experience, there are opportunities in the online world for more direct and personal interactions via websites.

PlayBit music app to curb

The recently launched streaming site that can be used on both Android and IOS operating systems is one of the first music sites with measures giving some protection and generating revenue for artists.

Fender hits the right
CEO Andy Mooney riffs on the boom in guitar sales during COVID-19 and rethinking business models for the post-pandemic world.

TikTok’s Impact on the Music

Video-sharing platform TikTok allows users to post their video creations — comedy skits, outfit collages, challenges and more — called “TikToks” for millions of other users to see.

RAIDAR: A Licensing Platform Designed for Students to Monetize Their

The platform allows Berklee artists — and only Berklee students — to upload their work and have those works licensed into student films.

Twitch And Rolling Stone Launch New Music Streaming
Rolling Stone on Twitch will feature live music, industry news, artist interviews, and more.

FUGA’s top-tier marketing bolstered by new UK hires, attracts new

New hires Liz Northeast and Alison Lamb strengthen company’s marketing & client services.

Apple Music recruits Mel Lewis from BBC Radio

Mel Lewis is the latest BBC radio executive to make the move to the streaming giant.

The Services Sector Is Transforming The Future Of The Music

Justin Kalifowitz, CEO of Downtown Music Holdings, paints a picture of how the music industry is changing.

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