Spotify: 60 Percent of Music Streamers Now Listen on Mobile

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Spotify: 60 Percent Of Music Streamers Now Listen On Mobile —

With the proliferation of music streaming apps, mobile and audio are inextricably linked — and over 60 percent of music streamers are now listening on mobile, according to research from Spotify.

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Blockchain Technology Can Solve Several Media Industry Problems —

The unsurpassed reach of the Internet and the emergence of a range of new digital technologies have transformed virtually every corner of the music industry for fans and creators alike. While consumers enjoy vastly more options, these market disruptions are presenting a range of important challenges for creators, producers, and distributors of music.

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What If YouTube Was a Radio Station? — 
 Is traditional radio done ignoring YouTube, SoundCloud and the entire internet? Now, a new startup wants to serve the under-25 demographic.

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Why Sony is pursuing music streaming in Nigeria —

“We do believe Nigeria could return to a top spot with regards to a music consumption market in the world. We were a top music market about 30, 40 years ago when the majors were actually in town. We dropped off that chart, but we are looking at the strength of the population… as well as the strength of our music,” says Michael Ugwu, the general manger for Sony Music West Africa.

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In the age of podcasts, the era of communal listening is over — 
 Where once the nation would listen to radio events together, now, it is the booming podcast market that commands our attention

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Ticketmaster app adds Apple Music integration — 
 Version 1.10.2 of the Ticketmaster app, released today, leverages data from users’ Apple Music libraries to recommend nearby concerts

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Multiple music streaming options welcome, but big players offer virtually identical catalogues — 
 There’s so much apparent choice online for music lovers it could paralyse some of us — so how can subscribers, and providers, distinguish one plan from the next?

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Apple Music: Sometimes humans are better than algorithms in getting things done — 
 Apple Music is priced at Rs 120 per month. Where you get access to the complete Apple Music library for one user. You can also opt in for a family membership for Rs 190 per month with access for up to six people.


A new Golden Age of music — 
 A new Golden Age of music has globalized access over the internet and has become a cultural phenomenon with streaming and downloading.

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CD Baby Back Online After Multi-Day Outage — is back online after an outage that lasted much of the last 5 days. The indie music and musician’s services company blamed a corrupt database caused during routine maintenance.