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Spotify Adding HiFi Tier, 80 New Markets; Next Steps for Digital Music Info; Streaming Bots Wrecking Independent Musicians’ Careers

Spotify’s “Stream On” event Monday delivered a host of news. Here’s a quick rundown before the daily spotlight. 😀

A Metadata with Destiny: The Next Steps for Digital Music
From smart speakers & livestreaming to discovery algorithms & contextual playlists, we look at how metadata is evolving with new technologies.

How Streaming Bots Are Wrecking Independent Musicians’

Unsurprisingly, artists’ desperate quest to gain as many Spotify streams as possible has led to the rise of streaming bots, and their manipulation of the streaming numbers has resulted in some serious damage to independent musicians’ careers.

Investment funds forcing artists to name their price is… not a great
Why calls for investors to learn of every detail of a songwriter buyout are badly misguided…

Head of Spotify Korea hopes to grow local music industry pie, rather than split

Spotify aims to grow the Korean music industry pie, rather than taking rivals’ share, the company’s Korea chief said Monday.

The COVID Bounce and the coming Attention
2020 was by any measure a unique year in modern times. While the societal impact of the pandemic was, and continues to be, horrific, for the entertainment industries it was a year of plenty. At the start…

Can Spotify be the one to convince people to pay for podcasts?
The Swedish music giant is apparently testing out podcast-only subscription offers. But the market for paid premium podcasts is pointedly unproven.

Is live music in Britain doomed?
The recent news that the Glastonbury Festival has been cancelled for the second year in a row has produced mixed reactions. For every disappointed ticket-holder…

IDAGIO Appoints John Kieser to Director of

In his new role, Kieser will collaborate with the IDAGIO team to develop platforms that support arts institutions seeking alternative ways to connect with their current audiences and build new ones.

Kartel Music Group Launch Electronic Music Platform

UK-based artist and label services company Kartel Music Group announce the launch of EMK, a new electronic music platform that will encompass record label, publisher and multimedia platform dedicated to promoting and celebrating all forms of electronic music and culture.

PPL and JAMMs sign deal to boost global royalty collections for Jamaican
PPL and the Jamaican performance rights organisation JAMMS have announced a closer collaboration.

Rocket Songs Hires New Director of Content Acquisition, Jody
Online song marketplace and licensing platform, Rocket Songs, welcomes music supervisor, songwriter and producer Jody Aaron Friedman as its new Director of Content Acquisition.

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