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Spotify Announces Emerging Artist Program; Billboard Charts to Adjust Streaming Weighting in 2018

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Spotify’s Troy Carter Announces Emerging Artist Program

RISE is an emerging artist program that leverages the platform’s promotional resources for a hand-picked roster of up-and-coming musicians.

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Billboard Charts to Adjust Streaming Weighting in
Greater emphasis to be given to paid subscription streams with ad-supported activity remaining an important factor in the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200 and many other charts.

Tencents strategy to attract western brands to its platform

Tencent’s strategy to attract Western brands to its
BI Intelligence sat down with Steven Chang, Corporate Vice President at Tencent Online Media Group (OMG), to discuss the company’s strategy for attracting…

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Sacem Finds Partner to Help Track Royalties for EDM Artists, Rights
French authors’ rights society Sacem has partnered with music identification company DJ Monitor to better improve accuracy in tracking royalties of electronic music played in nightclubs, live events and festivals.

Sonos playbar

Amazon will pay you $40 and give you 6 months of music streaming to get a Sonos sound
Some deals are just OK, some are great, and some are no-brainers. If you’ve been pondering the purchase of a Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar, then this Amazon deal falls squarely into that third category.


Will Congress Bring Songwriters a Lump of Coal or Justice?

It is axiomatic that as government expands, liberty contracts. Songwriters are among the most highly regulated workers in America, so on the continuum of liberty, guess where songwriters score?

Soundshare 3 ios

SoundShare 3 brings an updated design & collaborative Party

Following up on its last major release, SoundShare is back with another significant update. SoundShare 3.0 brings an all-new look to the app while introducing a creative new collaborative feature called Party Mode.

260515 sonosone 15 d8348e original 15071279431

How Sonos One Compares to Amazon Echo and Google
Looking to compete with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the forthcoming Apple Homepod, Sonos One features Amazon Alexa and sounds incredible.

Mg 4206

SoundCloud Next Wave and Discwoman: “Helping people discover music is all about access”
SoundCloud’s new documentary series highlights music communities in LA, Toronto and NYC


The people who are getting filthy rich on

Spotify is currently valued at $16 billion, Reuters reported in September, citing people familiar with private trades in the music streaming giant.


US music publishers propose new blanket licence for mechanical

The boss of the National Music Publishers Association was talking up plans for an overhaul of the mechanical royalties system in America, so to overcome the high profile issues that streaming companies have had in this domain that have resulted in numerous multi-million dollar lawsuits.




Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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REVIEW: Heartour — Little Waves (SINGLE)

What Blockchain Music Services have to Provide.

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Platform & Stream

Platform & Stream

Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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