Spotify Battles The Music Industry; Blockchain Meets Challenges of the Music Industry

How Spotify Has Waged War With The Music Industry

Spotify has waged a war with the music industry. The streaming company has a history of not paying mechanical royalties to songwriters and music publishers, and has already settled two separate class action lawsuits for failure to pay mechanical royalties — the first brought on behalf of music publishers by the National Music Publisher’s Association (NMPA) and the second, known as the Lowery/Ferrick case, brought by independent songwriters.

Now, a host of top songwriters, including Tom Petty and members of Rage Against the Machine, Weezer, The Black Keys, and more, have come forward urging the court not to approve the terms of the Lowery/Ferrick case.

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Blockchain Meets Challenges of the Music Industry —

The music industry is both excited and cautious about emerging technologies, and blockchain is no exception. To understand the enthusiasm and explore the true potential of blockchain, and to assess what degree of caution is warranted, we must look at the challenges the industry is facing today.

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We are what we measure — 
 We’re in a golden age of “big data.” From sensors on our bodies to cookies on the web, data is so ubiquitous that it’s measured in “zettabytes” (a very, very large number that they didn’t teach us…

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What is the next record? Moving beyond the recording industry — 
 What will the next format be to usher in a new music industry, like the record did in the 20th century? The 20th century saw the rise of consumerist culture

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The next step in speaker design: Your room becomes the speaker — 
 The future of sound reproduction requires bigger speakers. Much bigger.

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Will Smartphones Render Everything Else That’s Portable Obsolete? — 
 Steven Stone looks at the ubiquitous and omnivorous nature of smartphone technology…

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Vimeo Acquires Livestream, Launches Live Video Product — 
 ​Vimeo is making a move into live streaming. The ad-free video platform has acquired technology provider Livestream to power its own live video business. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but Vimeo says it is the largest acquisition in its history.


Evangelizing for Quality Audio —

Paul Wilson looks at the budget friendly rooms at RMAF and how that might help the audiophile hobby.

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The Easiest Way to Fix the Streaming Mechanical is to Get Rid of It — 
 More than 500 songwriters and publishers are seeking punitive damages for Spotify’s failure to pay mechanical royalties. How did we get here?