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Spotify for Artists App Gets a Makeover; Foretelling a Future of Artist Autonomy; The Mechanics of Distribution

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Spotify for Artists App Gets a Makeover With New Design, Expanded Real-Time
Spotify has given its Spotify for Artists a makeover on iOS and Android devices with a refreshed design, new “Home” tab and expanded-real time statistics for current listeners.

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Foretelling a Future of Artist
Brian Penicks five key music tech investment indicators foretell a future of autonomy for the artists who want it.

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Will the future of sample clearance be as easy as tagging friends on Facebook?
Sample clearance is a dilemma for a lot of artists. We look a two companies who think their technology could offer a solution.


Spotify’s Repeat playlists highlight your musical
Spotify is tapping into the songs you listen to over and over again for its latest personalized playlists. On Repeat stays up to date with the songs you’ve had…


The Mechanics of Distribution: How Music Distribution Works?

Today, making a song available to listeners all over the world is as easy as uploading a file on the internet. So, why is there still a need for the distribution intermediary?

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IFPI: Older Listeners Migrating to Streaming at Fast Clip, While Piracy Remains ‘Huge Concern’
Older music fans are increasingly turning to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, according to a new report from international trade body IFPI measuring global consumption and listening habits.


Apple Music for Android finally works with
Apple’s been busy adding new elements to Music, including a dark mode and real-time lyrics. Now, one of the most frequently-requested features finally has suppo…

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The ‘world’s smallest, portable record player’ takes off after ‘Shark Tank’

Vintage record players have remained popular for decades, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t come with a few inconveniences.

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Local artists push back and cope with low pay from streaming

Going against the stream.

Sharingmusic socials

Sharing Music On Socials Has Never Been So
Learn about the many options for sharing music on socials with integrations across major streaming services including Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal and more.

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Spotify Partners With AIA NZ & Together To Inspired Healthy Living Through

Spotify has launched a New Zealand-first partnership with life, health and wellbeing insurer AIA New Zealand, developed by independent media agency Together, that will use the power of streaming to inspire listeners in taking small steps towards a healthier life.

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Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and others launch initiative to bring multiple voice assistants to
Amazon and others launched the Voice Interoperability Initiative, a partnership that’ll aim to make accessing multiple voice assistants on devices easier.

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Bershka teams up with Tidal to open
Bershka opens up to new brands. The fashion chain, owned by the Inditex group, will host a shop-in-shop of streaming platform Tidal in selected stores. The first to have a space to listen to music is…

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