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Spotify Goes Podcast Hunting; Morris Day & the Time Get a Streaming Bump

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Spotify is looking for original
A year after investing in original video series, the streaming music startup is taking meetings with podcast producers like Gimlet and How Stuff Works.


How Has Streaming Affected our Identities as Music Collectors?

Music rarely exists in a vacuum. From classical concert programs and 12-track albums to DIY mixtapes and personal record shelves, we imbue songs with new meaning by connecting them to each other.

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The Streaming War Has Become Increasingly More
Joshton Peas goes in on how the streaming wars are dividing us more than ever. All at the expense of what’s most important: the music.

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The Music Industry is more innovative than it thinks!

Beyond distribution & data, the next chapter will be about experience. So it’s fitting that the music industry is already developing partnerships with startups involved in such groundbreaking tech as VR, AR, AI and bots.

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Morris Day and the Time ranks fourth in Spotify surge after
Who topped the list will surprise you. It wasn’t Adele or Beyoncé.

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Spotify makes fun of strange user-generated playlist names in latest clever
Spotify bid adieu to 2016 with a campaign that cleverly used its troves of listener data to poke a little fun at some of its users (like the person who played Justin Bieber’s Sorry 42 times on Valentine’s Day). The music streaming service is at it again with a similar campaign for 2017, except this time it’s having fun with some of the bizarre playlists that its users have made.

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos & Steve Boom on Starting a New ‘Golden Age’ for
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would make almost any list of the world’s most powerful people.

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Now you can send your friends a single song link for any streaming
Songlink lets you share tracks from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music and YouTube in a single link.

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Why Hi-Res Audio Sounds Better than CD

Most listeners appreciate that high-resolution audio is better sounding and more satisfying than CD-quality audio, and there are good reasons for that. To understand why, let’s review some history of consumer digital audio and the differences between CD and high-res.

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Google Play Music now integrated with Google
As Google Home continues to compete with Amazon’s own smart Bluetooth speakers Echo and Echo Tap, it only makes sense that it integrates more Google products to

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Apple Music Unveils Its First TV Series, Reveals Spring Launch

Apple Music’s expansion beyond songs into series is a bid to continue broadening the base for the subscription service, which has attracted over 20 million subscribers in 15 months of operation — a fact Cue was proud to tout at Recode.



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