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Spotify Listeners Lose K-Pop Tunes; Boomplay Gives Africans the Gift of Music; Music Discovery App Launches Connecting Artists, Fans

Spotify Listeners Lose K-Pop Tunes From Kakao M After Deal Talks
Spotify listeners outside South Korea lose access to music from Kakao M artists after the two companies fail to renew an existing deal.

Music Discovery App Launches Connecting Artists With

Pefoma is a one-stop-shop for unsigned acts to gain exposure to fans looking to discover new music.

Boomplay gives Africans the gift of

China’s Transsnet Music is putting a smile on the faces of African audiences by increasing access to streaming music via its Boomplay platform.

A&R is dead, long live A&

As the technologically-savvy generation got their VP stripes, A&R research went from necessary evil to valuable advantage at the majors who had the resources.

Cleveland’s smaller classical groups rise to meet concert streaming
The Cleveland Orchestra isn’t the only player in the pandemic concert streaming game. Smaller organizations also have jumped into the digital fray, with great success.

Spotify May Have Already Won
It’s a dominant force on both sides of the market — creative and listenership.

Could digital audio ever outperform analog?
Let’s explore the requirements of a scenario in which digital sound could be equal to, and perhaps even surpass, analog sound.

5 Differences Between In-Person And Digital
If you are new to the world of digital performances, here are some important ways they differ from conventional concerts:

Lindsay Lohan and Crystal Waters See Streaming Surges Following ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Lip
‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Lip syncs have created a huge surge in music streams for Crystal Waters, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Deadmau5, Perry Farrell & More Join ‘Rock ’N’ Relief’ Livestream

Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Deadmau5, Perry Farrell and many more acts have joined the roster for the upcoming “Rock ’N’ Relief” livestream benefit for the CORE organization.

Todd Rundgren On Curating A Unique Livestream Experience During ‘Clearly Human’ Virtual
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee Todd Rundgren on his ambitious “Clearly Human” livestream virtual tour.

Copyright: A New Approach to Artist Financing in the African Music

All over the world, music business execs are creating models to ensure that their creatives have a better platform to explore financially without losing all they have built.

What the major record companies really think about the economics of music

Universal, Sony and Warner have each filed written responses to a UK Parliamentary investigation into streaming.

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