Spotify, Sony Music Reach Deal; Fixing SoundCloud; 2017: The Year of Music Streaming

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Spotify Reaches Deal With Sony Music — 
 After months of negotiations, Sony Music Entertainment has reached a licensing agreement with Spotify, sources tell Billboard, becoming the second major label to do so this year and paving the way for the streaming service to go public.


Fixing SoundCloud — 
 SoundCloud is in dire straits. Some ideas to fix its broken business model by renewing its focus on independent artists.

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2017 Is Shaping Up to be the Year of Music Streaming —

On-demand audio streams have reached more than 184 billion so far in 2017, a considerable 62.4% increase over the same period last year.

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The Music Streaming Revolution: Spotlight on Spotify’s Valuation —

The growth of online music streaming has contributed to Spotify’s success. However, some commentators are circumspect about Spotify’s valuation.

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How Music Streaming Creates New Fans for Classic Artists — 
 As Deezer announces its first-ever Family Plan offer in the US, VP of Marketing Deborah Jourdan discusses key stats and findings to discuss the broader context off how the music industry is changing and how music streaming in particularly has changed the landscape for artists of today and yesteryear.


Google Play Music gets new interface for music streaming on Chromecast —

Google Play Music seems to have received a new interface for streaming music via Chromecast. A Reddit user has revealed the same on a new thread.

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‘Russian Google’ Restricts Music Service Content Amidst Piracy Concerns — 
 Yandex, “the Russian Google,” has introduced restrictions on user-generated content of its music service amidst piracy concerns, although the company has denied a connection.

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Who needs more than one speaker? — 
 Is just one speaker enough for movies and music?

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How Fender Is Reinventing Online Guitar Lessons For The Age Of Distraction — 
 Fender Play is a new 4K video subscription service designed to teach guitar in bite-sized, song-based tutorials that put YouTube lessons to shame.

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SoundCloud Demonstrates the Need for Great Discoverability in Music Services —

In the audio streaming business, one single factor stands above the others: Discoverability. SoundCloud’s recent high-profile stumbles are tied to it.