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Spotify Tests In-Car Hardware; LÜM Closes Seed Round, Secures New Partnership; Pandora Launches a New Native Mac App

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Spotify Tests ‘Car Thing’ Audio Adapter With Voice

The company may test similar hardware with other form factors in the future.

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LÜM Closes Seed Round, Secures Strategic Partnership with Frank

LÜM, a Madison-based tech startup that’s working to revolutionize the way artists and fans stream and discover new music, has closed its seed round, bringing the company’s total investment to $1.2 million in less than a year.

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Pandora launches a new native Mac

Pandora is rolling out new desktop apps for its streaming music listeners, starting with Mac.

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Sony Music Making Upgrades to Royalty Payments

Sony Music Entertainment has major upgrades planned for its Sony Music Artist Portal, the label’s tool for tracking royalties and receiving payments.

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Boomplay’s dominance and the music streaming market in
Boomplay, Africa’s fastest rising music streaming platform, recently raised $20 million in Series A funding. What does this mean for the continent’s music streaming market?

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2019’s Biggest Streaming Earners (So Far)

While streaming is often maligned for the reduced amount of revenue it generates for artists, those musicians at the top of the pile are pulling down far more than you might have guessed.

Adidas nts

Adidas Originals Launches Its ‘Don’t Assume’ Collaboration with NTS

Adidas has teamed up with NTS Radio for an exclusive series of clothing sporting the logo.

Tierra whack press by mason poole bb12 2019 billboard 1500

Inside Tierra Whack’s Outside-the-Box Approach to
Whether pairing bite-size songs with stunning visuals or dropping a track per week, the inventive rapper is making music on her own terms — which happen to be very platform-friendly, too.

Fragmented fandom midia research niche is the new maiostream

Niche is the New

Fandom is fragmenting. Streaming personalization and falling radio audiences are combining to rewrite the music marketing rulebook, ushering in a whole new marketing paradigm.


Spotify-owned Soundtrap launches a podcast studio in the

In November 2017, Spotify picked up the online music studio Soundtrap as part of its efforts to offer more services to artists on its platform.


30 years of data shows the music industry peaked when Napster hit the

The music industry, like all industries, has changed a lot over the last 30 years due to advancements in technology and the advent of the internet.

Mqa logo

Is Hi-Def Streaming a Thing? Rhapsody Packs MQA Into Its ‘Powered by Napster’ Streaming
Rhapsody’s Powered by Napster streaming service has struck a deal with MQA to offer hi-definition audio on its streaming service. Is that really a thing?


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