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Spotify Tests Voice Control; Indie Labels Stream Into International Markets; Drake Conquers Another Streaming Service: Twitch


Spotify is testing in-app voice
Spotify is currently compatible with voice search, but it only works through integrations with voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Alexa.


Let Me Hear You Stream: Indies Rock Overseas Music
Independent record labels are experiencing a surge in international revenue as streaming services such as Spotify open up foreign markets previously accessible only to local music companies and major labels with global marketing and distribution capabilities.

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Drake Conquers Another Streaming Service:
The rapper played Fortnite on the video-game platform with a professional gamer and some famous friends. Hundreds of thousands tuned in.

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Spotify Confirms April 3 Public Offering, Doubles Down on Freemium in ‘Investor Day’

Amid his familiar wide-eyed predictions about the company’s future, Ek confirmed that the service now has 71 million global subscribers, along with 3,500 employees and more than 35 million tracks — “but we’re just getting started.”

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Amazon, Spotify, and Tencent, now have a keen ear for Indian digital
India’s digital music scene is having its moment. Over the last one week, India has seen at least two international e-music majors step up their game, while a local one has raised fresh funding.


Pandora Partners With Linkfire as the Premier Streaming Music Data
Pandora today announced a partnership with leading smart link aggregator, Linkfire, to make discovering music easier for fans, while amplifying marketing efforts for labels and artists.

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Lyor Cohen wants YouTube to break ‘two-horse race’ of Apple and
Why did Lyor Cohen take the job as head of music at YouTube in 2016? In his keynote speech at SXSW today, the music-industry veteran explained.

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A $1.6 billion Spotify lawsuit is based on a law made for player
Streaming music services like Spotify are built on a tangle of copyright, which is why Spotify is getting sued by Wixen Publishing for $1.6 billion over licenses you’ve probably never heard of.


Classical streaming service Grammofy returns — using
Grammofy was a classical music-focused subscription-streaming service that launched in May 2016 in the UK and Germany, but then shut down in November 2017.

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Music Distribution In The Age Of
Sound recording is younger than you might think — it was only invented around 130 years ago. Over this time, it has evolved from physical to magnetic, then digital, ultimately losing the need for a physical medium.

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Spotify IPO: business model
However it’s lack of original content may dampen its potential revenue.

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Apple continues beta rollout of ‘Apple Music for Artists’ analytics

After opening the platform to a few thousand artists earlier this year, Apple is further expanding beta testing of its ‘Apple Music for Artists’ dashboard, the company announced via a tweet.

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SoundExchange Saw Dip in Royalty Distributions in 2017, Citing Pandora Label
As expected, SoundExchange’s gross distributions in the U.S. fell more than $225 million, or 26.2 percent, to $652 million from last year’s total of $884 million, due to Pandora switching from a compulsory license to direct deal with record labels.

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As Spotify’s profits stagnate, is music streaming dying out?
Most of the income from music streaming goes to the artists, publishers and labels, and streaming services are struggling to make a profit. If Spotify can gather 100 million subscribers, it may start to make money

Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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Platform & Stream

Platform & Stream

Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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