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Spotify, Vans Team Up; Kuku FM Battles Music Streaming Giants; Shortening Attention Spans & the Music Industry; Qobuz Slashes Price

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The Effects of Shortening Attention Spans on the Music

Well, they are, and the shift is dramatic. Between 2013 to 2018, the average song on the Billboard Hot 100 decreased in length by 20 seconds.

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Qobuz Slashes The Price Of Its Hi-Res Music Streaming
French Hi-Res music streaming service Qobuz has kicked off a price war in the USA by offering unlimited access to its HI-Res and CD lossless music catalog for just $14.99 a montth.

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TikTok: The Good, The Bad, The Paradox for the Song
In 2019, we know TikTok as the machine that breaks music. Videos with kids dancing over music contributes to the virality of certain records giving them the social boost equatable to millions of…

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Vans and Spotify team up to help solve midweek slump with

The duo’s “Off The Wall Wednesday” effort provides a new experience for music lovers.

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Will the Music Industry Continue To Win Its Copyright Battle Against ISPs?
For the last twenty years, the music industry has been in a pitched battle to combat unauthorized downloading of music. Initially, the industry focused on

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Three Supply-Side Indicators that Signal the New Music Industry Has
The CD brought unprecedented growth in music-as-product. Then Napster came along as the first real digital disruptor and burst that bubble very effectively. iTunes then disrupted Napster (partly alongside industry…

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With Pre-Seed Funding Vernacular Podcast Platform Kuku FM Takes On Music Streaming
Mumbai-based podcast startup Kuku FM has raised an undisclosed amount from 3one4 Capital, Shunwei Capital and India Quotient.

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Data Storytelling: A 50 Year Saga Of Music And
Data visualization tells the story of the history of music and FM radio during the past 50 years.

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Why Spotify’s in Such a Tight
Spotify is the biggest music service online but faces Apple Music and Amazon.


Musical memories refreshed: Olo Radio gives Last FM users a new way to interact with their music-streaming

Imagine accessing an archive of all the songs you’ve ever listened to — organized by the time of day, day of the year, or time of your life that you listened to them.

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Bill Brewster: Why I sold my 13,000-strong record

A reformed vinyl addict tells his story.

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The “cost of living” in Spotify streams — musician earnings in real
How many streams do you need to buy a bread loaf or cup of coffee? Streaming revenue is usually shown as fractions of a cent. Why not see it in real terms?

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Aha: Out of Blue Comes

‘Blue’ is all muscular, thrilling rock-pop that you would be hard pushed to find on the music scene these days. It gives way to driving electro-pop. ‘Green’ is the softer, sometimes darker side of Aha — deep in Scandinavian melancholia. Sublime. Click to listen!

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