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Spotify’s Plan To Win The Streaming War; Stem Raises $8M to Get Music Artists Paid More Seamlessly

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Spotify’s Plan To Win Over Anxious Artists–And Win The Streaming
While the economics of streaming royalties shake out, Spotify is investing in new ways to serve artists’ needs with data, fan-targeting promos, and the power of playlists.


Stem raises $8M to get music artists paid more

While music streaming has become more and more commoditized, artists still have a wide array of places to distribute their songs like Spotify and YouTube.


Sprint pushes Tidal again with six months of free HiFi
We’ve been wondering why Sprint bought a third of music streaming service, Tidal. While the respective companies didn’t discuss details at the time, the team-up…


What can blockchain really do for the music industry?
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a music-industry conference in possession of a good audience must be in want of a blockchain panel.

Pandora streaming wars

Here’s Why Sirius XM Invested $480 Million in
The rationale behind the deal that teams up the satellite radio service operator with the biggest radion streaming service.

Trace urban logo 2010 svg

Afro-Urban Media Company Trace Plans U.S. Streaming Music & Video
Here’s a new streaming service that could stand out from the blizzard of new entries. Self-described afro-urban media company Trace says today that it will will introduce music oriented Trace Play that will include a soon-to-launch Trace Prime TV network.

Troy carter

Troy Carter Looks Back (Briefly) at His First Year at
Spotify’s Troy Carter talked about royalties, songwriters, the streaming business and more in an expansive Q&A.

Streaming music

Arizona Entrepreneur launches music streaming

Arizona will soon be known as the “independent music capital of the world” with the launch of Arena Music, the first and only streaming music platform built on the concept of fair pay for artists and free play for listeners.


Bringing albums to IDAGIO with an all-new Discover
This week we are updating the discovery experience on IDAGIO.

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Is the future of remix culture mobile-first?

“The future of remix culture” will be one of the topics at the c/o pop Convention 2017, one of Germany’s leading music industry conferences and showcase festivals (Cologne, 16–20th August)

Geometry 1

Live Concerts + Streaming = 73% of the US Music
The US music industry is now worth $17.2 billion, according to data calculated by PwC. And more than half of that is coming from concerts.

Ticketfly logo new 2017 billboard 1548

Eventbrite Acquires Ticketfly from Pandora for $200
Eventbrite has acquired Ticketfly from Pandora for $200 million. The news comes after Pandora announced that it had raised $480 million in cash from SiriusXM, giving the satellite radio station controlled by Liberty Media a 16 percent stake in Pandora.



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