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Spotify’s Playlist for Global Domination; Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project Coming Soon; SoundCloud on the Blockchain?

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Spotify’s playlist for global
How CEO Daniel Ek plans to beat Apple, Amazon, and Google at the music game.

Pandora’s podcast genome project could launch by the end of the
Pandora, the streaming music company, has a new focus on podcasts. Its podcast genome project is coming soon, CEO Roger Lynch says. Investor Bets $17M On Internet
Early investor Goldwater Capital is betting a substantial hunk of the profits it netted when ByteDance acquired on internet radio. Korean based Spoon Radio will recieve $17 million from Goldwater and Korean investors Softbank Ventures and KB Investment. Spoon bills itself as the first social radio mobile application. Launched…

New Study Shows Close Relationship Between Social Media &
A new study released today (Aug. 6) found that nine out of 10 social media users do a music-related activity within the framework of an app, according to data compiled by research and analysis firm MusicWatch.

SoundCloud on the blockchain? Audius raises $5.5M to decentralize

Audius wants to cut the middlemen out of music streaming so artists get paid their fair share. Coming out of stealth today led by serial entrepreneur and DJ Ranidu Lankage, Audius is building a blockchain-based alternative to Spotify or SoundCloud.

How Much Money Will That Playlist Placement Make Me?

Accurately assessing just how much revenue you’ll be able to pull down from a playlist placement can be difficult to determine, but with some careful analysis, Chris Robley at least shows us how to make an educated guess.

Can Streaming Platforms Succeed In Music Publishing and Licensing?
Streaming platforms have irreversibly changed the music distribution landscape, now accounting for the largest growth segment in the recorded music industry. Spotify, the biggest player in this area…

Skype’s new Spotify add-in lets you quickly share tunes with
Skype Insiders are getting an early peek at the chat app’s latest high-profile third-party integration: Spotify.

A.R. Rahman to Host Amazon Series on Indian
‘Harmony With A.R. Rahman’ marks the Oscar-winning composer’s debut as a host in a non-fiction series.

TuneIn, CUMULUS MEDIA Set Expansion Deal

TuneIn and CUMULUS MEDIA have signed an agreement that will bring all 441 of CUMULUS MEDIA’S owned-and-operated stations across 90 U.S. markets to the TuneIn platform as well as distribution of the podcasts from Westwood One Podcast Network.

Apple Music beats Spotify to biggest day-one streaming number for Travis Scott’s

Travis Scott’s Astroworld is a big deal.



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